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Five Smart & Healthy books


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Almost everyone has some sort of 'health issue' and when traced back, these often relate to our diets.

Here is a handful of books which may turn your life around, or at the very least provide some tasty recipes that everyone will love, regardless of whether they are healthy, allergy-free, vegetarian or simply just quick and easy.


Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, Lukas Volger, Wakefield Press October 2011, rrp $24.95, ISBN 978 186 254 8961

Even if you have never been a fan of vegetarian food (or burgers for that matter) this little book could change your attitudes. Try the mushroom burgers with barley if you don't believe us.


Not only are there dozens of burger recipes, there are also instructions for all the salads, sauces, and fries to go with them. Even recipes for several sorts of burger buns!


One Bowl Allergy Free Baking, Linda Bosnic, Wakefield Press September 2010, rrp $19.95, ISBN 978 186 254 9098

And for those who find cooking for someone with an allergy (even if it is yourself) just one chore too many, here comes the book that might change your life.

This nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free sweet baking book has 100 delicious (and deliciously easy) recipes. Most do not need a mixer - just a bowl and a spoon, ideal for children to help with as well. They're the sort of thing everyone wants to eat too: cinnamon cookies, Anzac biscuits, chocolate brownies, blueberry muffins, apple spice cake, and some are even gluten-free as well.


Veg In, Flip Shelton, Wakefield Press April 2011, rrp $29.95, ISBN 978 186 254 9128

This book is inspired by the author's favourite international dishes - all of which either were vegetarian already or which with a little tweaking now are, in this book.

How about some green curry with coconut rice? Or Singapore noodles or tempura veg, or refried beans with cornbread? This is exotic takeaway - DIY style - and without even having to pack a suitcase and travel to the destination!

It's a vibrant book that the kids will love too - either as helpers in the kitchen or happy little diners.




Making a Meal of it, Jane Willcox & Rosemary Cadden, Wakefield Press June 2011, rrp $24.95, ISBN 978 186 254 9135

Not exactly a 'health' cookbook as such, but definitely in the category of a must to have, especially with a family to feed.

We've all been there. A meal to prepare and a 'mystery box' of seemingly unrelated ingredients, or just two apples or a smidgen of soup, or a leg of chicken. What to do?

These two innovative resourceful cooks have come to the rescue with all the right advice on smart ways to buy, store and use up food. Leftovers will never seem the same again after a few sessions with this book!


gluten free grain free - food we love, Tania Hubbard, October 2011, rrp $37.50.

And now something for the estimated quarter of a million Australians living with coeliac disease and gluten-intolerance, a book that will make meal preparation just a little easier.

Tania's journey began several years ago when after suffering migraines, chronic fatigue and repeated bouts of pneumonia, she was diagnosed intolerant to the proteins found in cereal grains. 

A stall at the local markets, then a café, Husk & Honey, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, which Tania and her husband, Eric, opened just under three years ago. There she developed her famous shortbread and hundreds of other recipes, and the couple went on to create their own gluten-free, grain-free bake@home range of products.

The book, packed with over 150 pages of mouth-watering recipes such as chocolate chia seed cake and gluten and grain-free bread, is available online or at the café.


 (reviewed by Sally Hammond)


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