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Introduction to Eating Well


Not only is the science of nutrition changing, almost daily, but so is Australia and as a consequence so are our tastes and preferences. For instance, fifty years ago what Australian would have tried yum cha, let alone octopus or squid, yet today many of us will venture way beyond this.

Unfortunately just this same curiosity and openness to change can sometimes set us up for problems. We need to understand not only what foods we like, but those that like us. And those that will contribute to our ultimate wellbeing.

Some of us are becoming sensitivity-conscious too and are learning that some substances, even when they are hidden in other foods, or disguised as numbers or codes, can cause trouble when we least expect it.

And most important of all we have discovered that eating is not the beginning and end of health and happiness either. Stress, exercise, rest and relaxation, what we drink and what we breathe, and even how we think, all has an effect on our total selves.  For information see A-Z of Eating Well....

Eating well. It's so much more than knowing our vitamins and minerals, no matter how important they are. Eating well is a lot more than just eating good food, the 'right' foods, 'healthy' foods.

We also eat well when we enjoy what we eat. We are then well fed in more ways than one. You could say the food becomes doubly delicious, as it does us good and we feel good about what we have eaten too. Our conscience is clear, there are no guilts, but just as importantly the food still tasted fantastic.

Taking it a step further, eating 'well' is also eating food that is at the peak of condition, in season and, depending on what we are talking about, perfectly ripe or freshly caught or prepared. And why should we not choose the best? After all, life is too short to eat second-rate food.

Knowledge is power. If we really understand what our foods can mean to us in terms of health, then we are equipped to make informed choices that will affect our futures and those of our families as well.

Eating well is about staying well and enjoying both our food and our lives.

Enjoy this entree into the fascinating world on our plates. We hope that it can satisfy some of your hunger for knowledge.



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