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Happy Birthday!

I am not really into numerology but I thought this would be fun. At 10:10pm (EDST) on October 10th, 2010, making it 10:10, 10/10/10, we hit the launch button for this website.

So now, seven years on, it’s been a fun ride. I’ve learned to upload text and pictures. Including the Home page. There are modules that stay more or less updated regularly and each week I post up some quotes that fit our themes of travel and food, and daily we keep track of which country is celebtrating its national day, along with its flag, a link to details of its cuisine, and some trivia. There are links to events that concern food or travel as well, and also to what in history is connected to each date.

You will notice that there are no ads on this site. I prefer to keep it simple. And I upload everything myself. I write the features, I edit and assemble the pages which are a roundup of various themes - Weird and Wacky, Travel Tipoffs, Taste the World, and others – and the pictures on the feature stories are usually mine, while the classy videos come from Gordon, my husband.

Thanks to all those who have given feedback and assistance, and most thanks of all to my IT-guru-husband-friend Gordon.

Thanks for staying with us - much is planned for the future.





This site has evolved from which was set up to promote Sally Hammond's various books and travel articles. You may have originally reached this site via that web address. 

Welcome to this continuing exploration of our fascinating world and its endless variety of foods!

One of the most interesting aspects of travel is experiencing new foods and drinks. We call it ‘tasting the world’.

Currently, there is so much travel information available – guidebooks, websites, apps, newsletters – it seems there is actually too much information around. It almost confusing, and to assemble a clear idea of your destination you often have to go from one site to another to collect it all.

That is why we have pared back the instructions and extra information, to provide just small bites, a degustation of each featured place, with the thing all food travellers want, details about what to order when you eat!

Think of this site as the first place to come for worldwide food and travel information. Generous links to other sites have been added where there will be much more detail, as well as to Sally's articles for an added insight into your destination.

There's also a way for you to interact with your comments, suggestions, observations and interesting finds, so that we can all learn and help each other.



Working hard behind this site are Sally and Gordon Hammond

Sally is a food writer and a cook who travels – not a travel writer who eats.

Gordon_SallyWhen you think about it, that makes a big difference to the way she looks at food, wherever she finds it – whether it’s in a shop in Beijing, on a restaurant table in Paris, or in her own kitchen in Sydney, Australia.

Her food and travel writing experience extends over three decades and she really understands all aspects of food. She has written extensively about nutrition, compiled several cookbooks and contributed hundreds of restaurant reviews.

In Australia or other countries, you’ll find Sally delving into remote corners of local markets or cluttered food stores. If she doesn’t know what something is, or what to do with it, she finds out. Her blog, Toffee Tomatoes, celebrates some of the world’s weirder and more unusual foods. A newer one World Baking celebrates the breads of each country on its national day.

Always close at hand is her husband and colleague, Gordon, taking photographs of anything and everything. Together Sally and Gordon travel Australia and the rest of the world, enjoying learning more about each place – and of course tasting its food!

As a professional writer and photographer team, their bread and butter quite literally comes from the sale of photographs and articles, usually appearing in print together. Editors of travel or in-flight magazines, newspaper travel supplements or anyone else who is interested in purchasing good travel writing accompanied by top-class pictures, please see your section below.

Sally’s greatest joy (OK, apart from the occasionally surprise upgrade to the pointy-end of an aircraft) is to share with others the excitement and interest she has in discovering new foods and new places. That, and talking about food and cookery to like-minded people.

That’s what this website is all about. A conversation about FOOD & TRAVEL with a side serve of trivia, sprinkled liberally with interesting highlights  that only someone familiar with a destination can provide.

Consider it a journey with passionate food-loving friends.




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