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Travel quotes


To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love


I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food. Erma Bombeck, US humourist



National Day of ...

French Guyana (France) 20 December Abolition of slavery day

Macau 20 December (Transfer of sovereignty to the PRC 1999) 

Réunion, France, 20 December Abolition of slavery day (regional only)

Republic of China (Taiwan) December 25 (1946). See Constitution of the Republic of China

Ireland December 29 (1937). Not a public holiday.


See all National Days for DECEMBER.


Food related events....

DECEMBER 2014, food-related events.


Food related events on this date in history!



Want even more food history?


...visit The Old Foodie.



See where we have been...

24 percent of the world's countries!


Discover Ireland's sensational Atlantic coastline.

Now you can walk along it!



Pack your Big Yellow Suitcase ...

... find out where you can take it!


One of the world's largest cities, Shanghai still has a personal side.

Find out what it is .....


Proving there's more to Bora Bora than sand and palm trees.

Find out what....



Would YOU fancy a night in a Swiss igloo?

Find out more...



Is this the world's most dangerous road??

See what you think...



Bangkok is a bustling fascinating city with friendly people.



Which part of the UK is said to be the 'world castle capital'?

Find out here...



How would you like to holiday in a palace?

How about this one?


 Wonderful Agra - romantic ...and more.

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African touring just gets more do-able!

See what we mean?



Or maybe you can spend some time in Greece?

Here's how....



Picton on a perfect day....what could be better?

Find out more about New Zealand's hidden gem....


The butcher-shop that's open only ONE day a week.

Find out where (and why)....



Peru is a fun place for food...

... and they love a good festival!



The French love wine, but they consume another drink even more!

Learn where to find it at its source!


Not all art belongs in a gallery.

See these outdoor sculptures....


Outer-space artists??

Where is this....?



If you missed seeing our story about Kashmir, and meeting Ali Baba .... it is now.



Did you know that France covers more time-zones than any other country?

Find out why...


Spice travel with Herbie!

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We caught a whale!

...on camera



Stay in a Royal Pavilion in the desert...

Where, where?



Lovely Kerala has more than elephants to experience...

.... but the elephants are pretty special!










Ever wished you could fold up that way-too-big SUP (stand up paddleboard)?

Now you can.....





Mangoes are coming into season now and are as healthy as they are delicious!

More about mangoes....




Did you know potato blossoms were once fashionable?

Find out other strange potato facts.....





Now you can earn a prestigious wine diploma - and cruise the Med at the same time!

See how.....




.............and Apps and DVDs

Visit Spain - from your own home!

Learn how to cook the food with an expert!


Lovers of Venetian food will be thrilled with this insiders' guide to the city and its food.

Read more.....


Whether you are a wine expert or just want to be, this book is for you.

Find more here...



If you can't get to Scandinavia - you can at least bake its cakes and breads.

Here's how....


If you are a reader of food blogs, this behind the scenes peep at the real story, will captivate.

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Yes, the City of Light has still more secrets to disclose!

Discover them here....



Thai Royal Cuisine is now within your reach with these authentic recipes, edited by a descendant of Prince Chakrabongse.

....enjoy preparing them yourself.


Love cycling? Live in Melbourne or visit often?

You need this book!


Is there a budding chef in your family? This eBook will help them master more dishes.

Here it is.....

America-bound travellers, take note! 

The fully revised edition is now  available....


If you'd like a food-loving guide to show you around Paris, Jane is the person to do this.

Read her book....


Want to eat the world? Here 39 cuisines have been explored and explained.

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Love cooking, like trivia?

This book is for you!



Ever wondered what makes Melbourne so special?

This book will show you....


The Big Apple has some huge and hidden surprises.

Discover more...

Now you can bake like Phillippa!

Get ready for the compliments!

Got friends coming for a party - this is the book for you!

Find some new recipes....

One of the stars of MasterChef share his take on healthy food.

Good and good for you!

Are you ready for a fashionable shopping spree in Paris?

You need this book!

If you have small children and live in Sydney or Melbourne, these cute but very helpful guides are for you!


The world's greatest maritime explorer - and real person.

An engaging read...

Would you like to cook like an Italian nonna?

Silvia can show you how....

Sneak a peek at the tried, true, and prize-winning recipes of CWA Judge, Merle Parrish.

...learn to cook like she does


Burma is a mystery to many people. Its food is even more obscure.

Read this and be delighted...

Craving a burger? Live in Victoria - or visiting?

This book is a must to read...

Finally Sydney has its own Gault & Millau restaurant guide...

....but do you know how to pronounce it?

The biggest and most beautiful book of Italian food.

Read about it here....

Coffee seems to be the fluid which fuels most of us in this beautiful book

Learn about who grows it, roasts it and makes it.


If you think you may be the only person 'that everything happens to' when travelling - read this!



and laugh out loud....

Give this book and you give even more. 



find out how.......





Christmas gifts galore!


Let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief! With any luck it's now time to shut the office door – or close the schoolbooks, turn off the computer or otherwise plan a relaxing break.

But before we relax entirely, there are some gifts to buy and plans to make. Let's see if we can help with that.


Splurge on some rare – and very pricey – cheese!

In a distant land 3000 years ago, the pages of history tell of King Saul – the first anointed king of the Israelites. King Saul’s legacy endured, shadowing a reign filled with battles, passion, grandeur, honour and loss. But King Saul’s dynasty was short lived and the fledgling monarchy disintegrated within the brief historical chapter from which it had risen.

Today renowned Australian master cheesemaker ‘Saul Sullivan’ proudly presents a cheese worthy to honour this historical monarch and has crafted a cheese that is the first of its kind made in Australia – “King Saul” an Udder Delights Raw Milk Blue Cheese.

This inaugural small batch release commences the new reign of “King Saul” – long live the King!


Leading Adelaide Hills’ cheese maker Saul Sullivan has confounded his critics and created a slice of history by producing Australia’s first living raw cow’s milk blue cheese approved for public consumption.

The Udder Delights King Saul Raw Blue cheese is a premium product that will be produced in limited batches each year, with the first vintage of just 400 half-kilogram wheels, presented in handcrafted wooden boxes – 160 of which will be released late 2014 and another 160 released Autumn 2015.

The launch follows some two years of intensive research and development, trial and error, ecstatic highs and abject lows before the product was finally granted approval to start making the raw milk blue cheese by the Dairy Authority of South Australia (DASA) in June 2014.

Mr Sullivan – who runs the award-winning Lobethal-based Udder Delights with his wife Sheree – also chalked up a world first for the company, perfecting a hand-making process that gives King Saul cheese the ability to mature for more than twice as long as other blue vein cheeses and so maximise taste, complexities and rich characteristics.

Mr Sullivan says what makes King Saul so special is the non-pathogenic Hafnia Alvei bacteria, which ensures that the cheese is terroir reflective. In other words, it contains and shares the flavours of the specific region where the milk-producing cows live…such as the pastures, the waterways, and the air quality.

King Saul is initially only available through the Udder Delights Cheese Cellar in Hahndorf, South Australia and postal delivery throughout Australia, or pickup. Each individually numbered & beautifully packaged King Saul costs $150 for the 500g round in a wooden box.

The first deliveries of King Saul commenced in the first week of December 2014. This is a rare product so you will need to pre-order, to ensure you don’t miss out. There are only 160 500g rounds of King Saul for sale this year.



Add some Ooh-la-la! to your Ho, Ho, Ho!


The City of Light really lives up to its name as Christmas approaches, with the Champs-Élysées transformed into a wonderland of glittering lights and wooden chalets. 

When shopping bags (and tummies) are full, take a spin on the ice rink in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. 

You cab catch a train from London to Paris with fares from 48,50 € one way.




A clever stiocking stuffer

When you need perfectly sliced fresh mushrooms for a recipe or a salad, the cool new Mushroom Slicer from Williams-Sonoma gets the job done quickly. Just rinse a mushroom, place it on a cutting board and push this slicer down over it to instantly slice it. The slices are then held neatly inside the polycarbonate upper container for easy transfer to a saute pan or salad bowl. It also works with other small, semi-firm fruits and vegetables.

Find out more...


Little books for little travellers

Melbourne-raised mum Bronwyn Darnoc (now based in Singapore) is the author of the new kid’s flight logbook, Simply For Flying.

Bronwyn created the book after she struggled to find anything available to chronicle her son’s first long-haul flight, and wanted it as a keepsake for when he was older. Designed to look like a passport, it’s a fun way to keep track of little ones flights and a great gift idea. Rrp A$19.95


More information.... or read the  blog....



A Wok'n'Roll Christmas gift

Why not help someone you love discover their inner foodie?

Wok ‘n’ Roll is run by TV chef Jeremy Pang and his specialised team of chefs, Covent Garden’s School of Wok teaches the art of Oriental and Asian cuisine. Take your pick from a fun three-hour experience, an action-packed full day or an in-depth weekend cookery course, appealing to both budding chefs and casual cooks alike. 

The choice is vast, starting from just £65 per person for the Scoff & Quaff experience, learning how to make a dish or two and then pairing different wines with the complex Asian flavours. What’s not to like?

From Chinese to Thai, to South East Asian Street Food, there is something for everyone. If you don’t know what to choose, go for the ‘No Brainer’ – any three-hour cooking experience of choice. Ideal for complete beginners or aspiring wok stars, this practical and fun course will equip anyone with a basic set of skills to impress friends and family.  All vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be redeemed against other courses too. 

More information .......



A cheesey idea....

Here's a way you can take the stress out of Christmas this year. If you are like me, and hate wrapping gifts, something tht fits in an envelope is a good alternative, and this elegant range of Cheese Appreciation Gift Vouchers will leave a good taste in everyone's mouth!

A cheese experience Gift Voucher can be simply ordered online and either instantly printed at home. Or you can order a printed and gift boxed Gift Voucher to be delivered to your giftee's home or office.

Each voucher entitles the holder to an afternoon of culinary heaven – tasting fine cheeses and wines in the graceful dining room at various private dining rooms around Sydney, hosted by cheese expert Claudia Bowman (nee McIntosh). 

More details....



Luxury - to be sure!

Ireland will soon be even more deireable when  Belmond Ltd. launches its first Irish train trip in summer 2016. Belmond Grand Hibernian will be the first luxury overnight rail experience of its kind in Ireland with plans for tours of the magnificent open countryside, dramatic coastal scenery and fascinating cities of both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

With a name derived from Hibernia, the classical Latin name for the island of Ireland, Belmond Grand Hibernian will journey throughout the island offering two-, four- and six-night rail experiences that visit the major destinations of the North and South, including the train’s Dublin base, Belfast and Cork. Traveling aboard Belmond Grand Hibernian will be akin to a land cruise, offering daily excursions such as tours of historic estates, or a round of golf on one of the finest links courses in the world, visits to the new Titanic Belfast center, or an immersion into the world of Ireland’s legendary writers, musicians and artists.

Belmond has acquired ten carriages from Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail which the company will transform into a luxury sleeper train with accommodations for up to 40 guests travelling in 20 elegant, en-suite cabins. The interior design project will draw inspiration from Dublin’s classic Georgian architecture and blend it with elements of Ireland’s ancient folklore and traditions, evoking the country’s celebrated cultural heritage with a contemporary twist. Belmond Grand Hibernian will feature four interconnecting suites to accommodate families, two restaurant cars and an observation bar car.



Angkor Wat by private plane

Where value-adding means everything, this could be an add-on that guests will jump at. One luxury resort in Thailand is jetting its guests directly to the World Heritage wonder of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Soneva Kiri, the award- winning Thai resort, has launched a twice-weekly flight by private plane to Siem Reap in Cambodia and back every Sunday and Wednesday with brief stops on the ground at Trat airport to clear Thai customs and immigration. With an average flight time of 50 to 60 minutes, the new service and fast-tracked customs escort should prove popular with guests.

A private charter for up to eight people is also possible.

More details....



Holiday time – Pack and Go!

Brisbane-based EnviroTrend are excited to release their new Pack & Go Collection just in time for summer. Featuring five stylish, practical and lightweight bags in two unique prints, the Pack & Go Collection takes you from a family day out to a trip away. These durable & lightweight bags cover the full spectrum of uses:

There's the EnviroChill Maxi to keep your groceries cold, pack a picnic or get ready to party! EnviroChill Mini keeps your lunch or six-cans cold, and PAKitToMe made with bigger, stronger and waterproof fabric, courtesy of Brisbane entrepreneur and mum, Janina Byrne, who has used her environmental conscience, yet it still folds up small.

FoldAway Traveller is perfect for that unexpected purchase! Small enough to go in your suitcase yet large and strong enough to be checked luggage! And finally, there's SAKitToMe - the old favourite for everything from the groceries to the beach - everyone’s go-to tote!

The Pack & Go Collection is now available in two eye-catching designs, Apple Blossom & Stripes.

Find  out more at..... 



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Do you know....

See how well you know  your food.

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Here's a new take on an old Russian favourite.

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DISCOVER the WINNERS in this year's ABC.delicious Fine Food Awards.


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You need a snack - BUT everything is too sweet, too rich in fat??

Try these guilt-free options...



Maille mustard has been a leader worldwide since 1747. Now it is in Australia!

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New blog on the block!

World Baking where Sally shares breads of a country on its own National Day.



SBS's Feast magazine is out again, full of stunning recipes.

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Need a coffee????


330 of Sydney's BEST cafes in this HUGELY POPULAR iPhone and iPad app!

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NOW ALSO available on Android

 visit the blog and hear the good news! 

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True North - set the compass to find where comfort food central is!

See where it is....








DECEMBER food-related events worldwide.



Magical, mystical Morocco with Nadine Abensur, an expert who knows and loves the local food!

Be quick for this one!


Queensland has whales too...

....and they are helping research!



Ever dreamed of having your own place in France.

This may make it easier....



Let's go WHALE spotting in Sydney!


They're migrating NOW!




Tour the world in a luxury private jet .....

But wait, there's more.....


NSW's Central West has TEN great Food and Wine experiences for the cooler months.

Check these out!


Where better to take a French cookery course.....

...than in Paris?

Taste Miami with someone who knows.

See how to do it...

Shopping in Paris is great fun - but you might need some help...

...and not just with carrying your purchases!

Find out more.....



food and wine tour in one of France's most beautiful regions.

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Now you can travel and pick up some artistic skills - and enjoy Italian cuisine.

...find out where

Here is the answer for food and wine lovers travelling around Australia.

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Find out about the (sometimes colourful) past of  Australia's first city:

slhlogoiPhone and iPad App packed with information and pics. what has made Sydney the great city it is.

BUY IT NOW on iTunes here

or for Android  here!


A year of fabulous food festivals is ahead in 2014 for Britain!

Find out when and where....


What's happening in Rome this month....

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