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You don't need a silver fork to eat good food. - French chef, Paul Prudhomme


To get away from one’s working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one’s self. This is often the chief advantage of travel and change. – Charles Horton Cooley



National days.....


Cambodia September 24,  Monarchy restored (1993.

Dining in Cambodia....

TriviaThe Cambodian flag is the only national flag that has an image of a building – the Angkor Wat.



Guinea-Bissau 24 September  (Declaration of independence from Portugal 1973)

The food of Guinea-Bissau....

Trivia: Gumbe’ is the most popular form of music in Guinea-Bissau. The genre of music is derived from the country's folk singing tradition.



Saudi Arabia 23 September  (unification of the kingdoms Nejd and Hejaz 1932)

Saudi Arabian cuisine....

Trivia: Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a river.



Mali 22 September  (Independence from the Mali Federation 1960)

The food of Mali....

Trivia: When Mansa Musa, emperor of the Malian Empire in the early 1300s, made his Mecca pilgrimage, he made Mali famous by bringing with him 12,000 slaves, 60,000 men, 80 camels that each carried between 50 and 30 pounds of gold, and building a mosque every Friday during his journey.



Belize 21 September   (Independence from the United Kingdom in 1981)


The food of Belize....

Trivia: Belize has the only Jaguar reserve in the world, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife sanctuary.



Malta 21 September  (Independence Day, independence from the United Kingdom 1964)

Dining in Malta.....

Trivia: Calypso Cave is said to be the cave that Homer wrote about in The Odyssey.



Mali 22 September  (Independence from the Mali Federation 1960)

The food of Mali....

Trivia: When Mansa Musa, emperor of the Malian Empire in the early 1300s, made his Mecca pilgrimage, he made Mali famous by bringing with him 12,000 slaves, 60,000 men, 80 camels that each carried between 50 and 30 pounds of gold, and building a mosque every Friday during his journey.



St Kitts and Nevis 19 September (Independence from the United Kingdom 1983)

The cuisine of St Kitts and Nevis.....

Trivia: It was once known as the Gibraltar of the West Indies.  



Chile 18 September (the first Government Junta is created 1810)

The food of Chile....

Trivia: Chile is the longest country in the world at 2,647 miles (4,620 km), north to south, and extends across 38 degrees of latitude



Malaysia 16 September  (Malaysia Day, the formation of Malaysia)

Dining in Malaysia...

Trivia: Malaysia is the only country that includes territory both on the mainland of Southeast Asia and in the islands that stretch between the Asian continental mass and Oceania.



Mexico 16 September (Grito de Dolores, declaration of independence from Spain 1810)

The food of Mexico....

Trivia: A Mexican tamale called the zacahuil is three feet long and weighs about 150 pounds. More...



Papua New Guinea 16 September  (Independence from Australia in 1975)

Eating in Papua New Guinea....

Trivia: PNG is one of the very few places on earth which lie close to the equator where places at higher altitudes experience snowfall



Belize 10 September, 21 September (Independence from the United Kingdom in 1981)

Dining in Belize....

Trivia: Belize has the only jaguar reserve in the world, otherwise known as Cockscomb Basin Wildlife sanctuary.



Gibraltar, United Kingdom 10 September (Gibraltar National Day, people of Gibraltar vote to reject Spanish sovereignty or association 1967)

The food of Gibraltar....

Trivia: On the National Day each year 30,000 red and white balloons are released – one for every citizen.



North Korea 9 September  (declaration of a democratic people's republic 1948)

The food of North Korea....

Trivia: Many locals play accordions.



Tajikistan 9 September (Independence Day, declaration of independence from the Soviet Union 1991)

The cuisine of  Tajikistan...

Trivia: The legendary Silk Road once passed through Tajikistan going from China to Europe.



Andorra 8 September  (Our Lady of Meritxell Day, patron saint of Andorra)

The cuisine of Andorra....

Trivia: Andorra is a co-principality. It has two princes who jointly share the position of prince.



Brazil 7 September  (Dia da Independência, declaration of independence from Portugal in 1822)

Dining in Brazil....

Trivia: Brasilia, the country’s capital, took just 41 months to build, from 1956 to 1960. Rio had been the capital for the previous 197 years. 



Swaziland 6 September  (Independence Day, from the United Kingdom 1968)

The food of Swaziland...

Trivia: Swaziland hs the only remaining absolute monarch in the world.



San Marino 3 September  (Independence from the Roman Empire in year 301 (traditional date)

The food of San Marino...

Trivia: The Republic of San Marino is a country surrounded by Italy, and is the world’s fifth-smallest country.



Transnistria 2 September  (Independence Day, declaration of independence from the Moldova 1990)

Dining in Transnistria....

Trivia: From 56 AD, the coastal area around the city of Tyras was occupied by the Romans for nearly four centuries.



Vietnam 2 September  (National Day, declaration of independence from France and Japan 1945)

Trivia: An estimated ten million motor bikes travel on the roads of Vietnam every day.



Libya 1 September  (Coup d'état of 1969)

Dining in Libya....

Trivia: A solid-green color flag was used by Libya from 1969 until Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011. It was the only national flag in the world which had one single color.



Slovakia 1 September  (Constitution Day, independence from Czechoslovakia 1993)

The food of Slovakia...

Trivia: More than six thousand caves have been discovered in Slovakia to date.



Uzbekistan 1 September  (Independence Day, declaration of independence from the Soviet Union 1991)

Trivia: Uzbekistan is one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world. (The other one is Liechtenstein.) A doubly landlocked country is landlocked by other landlocked countries.


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Food related events....

US food festivals in SEPTEMBER 2017




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Food history


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Taste the world

Let's take a tasty trip around the world: festivals, flavours and fun foods   


Thailand ties food in

Of all the world's cuisines, Thai food is one of the most popular. Appealing to all tastes with its unique blends of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavours, no wonder it is eaten and enjoyed worldwide.

Thailand's tourism industry now plans to forge stronger links with the kingdom's agriculture economy by promoting the country's culinary delights. For Thai people, their cuisine is more than just a means of filling the stomach, but a source of national pride. 

A new government initiative encourages both Thai people and foreign tourists to enjoy Thai food, especially home-grown products so that local farmers will be the primary beneficiaries. 

The culinary delights of each province will also be highlighted under the Amazing G-Link programme, an extension of The Link project, which is designed to promote secondary provinces and decongest the well-established, popular destinations. Research has shown that visitors are keen to save on airfares and accommodation but are happy to spend on food and beverages.

The wonders of Thai food can be traced back to the very livelihoods of the Thai people and wisdom of their ancestors. Thai food also tells great stories of the country's history, culture and heritage.

Agriculture has long been vital for Thailand, one of the world's leading rice exporters. Today, tourism is seen as a more promising 'sunrise' industry, and an important source of jobs and income distribution.

 Find Thailand Tourism News and updates on travel and hospitality industry here........ 


Be quick to catch up with this event as Australian Organic Awareness month comes to a close for this year.



More wins for Moore's Gin

It's a first! In Moore ways than one.

Moore’s Vintage Dry Gin, made by Master Distiller Philip Moore at Distillery Botanica in Erina has become the first Australian gin to win a gold medal at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in London. 

Widely regarded as the most credible and discerning awards show internationally, the boutique distillery has made history with its gin in London, the spiritual home of the drink.

“This has been the holy grail for me personally” said Moore. “It’s taken me the best of ten years of trying for me to win this, constantly trying to improve and refine my craft.  It’s an honour to be recognised for my endeavour”.

Moore’s Distillery Botanica is one of the longest established boutique distilleries in Australia, having been set up in 2007. 

Other products made by Moore at the distillery include Mr Black and Distillery Botanica Gin.

More details...


Enjoy a drop in Sydney Harbour this November when Wine Island returns to drop anchor. Now in its third year, Australia’s most tropical and unique wine festival, Wine Island, is back, returning to Clark Island, Sydney Harbour from Friday 10 November to Sunday 12 November, 2017.

This is the place where you can feel like you’re leaving the city while entering the very heart of it. So, pack your bags, throw away your cares and discover a piece of paradise filled with great wine, food, music, silent discos, masterclasses, treasure hunts and more!

This exquisite yet relatively untouched piece of paradise is a small island so only a limited number of ‘holiday- makers’ can attend the event – giving Wine Island its famed first-class feel. This also allows for visitors to chat one-on-one to the friendly winemakers, or simply lie back and soak in the view with some of the top drops from around Australia and abroad.

Your holiday begins aboard the Luxe Estate Bubbles Boats with a glass of sparkling for the short journey over to the island. Once ashore, you’ll sip your way through a selection of over 100 new wave and classic wines from De Lisio, Taylor Made Wines, Yarra Social, 6ft6, Riot Wine Co. and many more.

Also making its way back to Wine Island is the world famous Frosé, joined by other delicious wine-based cocktails including an exotic Malbec Sangria and Prosecco Margaritas. 

Ensuring no one goes hungry on this deserted island, Chur will be popping up in paradise to satisfy every foodies dreams. Former fine dining (Assiette, Banc) and award-winning chef Warren Turnbull, the mastermind behind the cult Chur Burger, is curating a bespoke tropical menu of freshly shucked oysters, cheese platters, Hawaiian poke, fish tacos, spit-roasted lamb pitas and of course, his mouth-watering burgers.

Masterclasses presented by Wine Selectors will have you pairing music with wine in our smash hit of 2016, the Silent Disco Drops, along with Dessert Island where our sweet-toothed holiday-makers will enjoy leading dessert wines with delicious sweets. There’ll also be some Vino Trivia and Cold Blooded Reds to indulge in - it’s the next big wine trend so get the lowdown on the best reds for chillin’ while you’re chillin’ this summer.

Get ‘Down To Earth’ with Cracka Wines at Wine Island: a cellar door-meets-day spa experience for holiday- makers. Lie back on day beds and try a range of biodynamic wines whilst getting a foot scrub, then take home a grape vine to plant happy memories until next years’ event rolls around.

For more information on ticket inclusions........



Escape to the River

Even people who have never visited Western Australia have heard of Margaret River, one of Australia's premier wine regions on the south-west corner of the state.

In recent years, the Margaret River Gourmet Escape presented by Audi has put the place indelibly on every food and wine-lover's calendar. In 2017 it returns with an additional day added to the programme to celebrate the famed wine region’s 50th anniversary from Thursday 16 – Sunday 19 November.

Time to start planning your perfect Gourmet Escape

What can visitors expect? 

VIE International Culinary Star Kris Yenbamroong will be travelling all the way from Los Angeles to this years Margaret River Gourmet Escape presented by Audi. His incredible journey has transitioned from growing up in his family owned restaurant, Talesai with no culinary training to now being the head chef at NIGHT + MARKET restaurant which was recently named  the 24th best restaurant in the Los Angeles Times.

His aim to make the most delicious and authentic Thai food to facilitate drinking and fun-having amongst friends makes him the perfect chef to cook alongside David Thompson & Heath Townsend at Some Like It Hot: Thai Banquet at Wise Winery on Sunday 19th November at 12:00pm. 

After welcome drinks on the balcony, the team will be preparing a sumptuous long table feast of mod-Thai favourites. Local craft beer and Wise wines, made under the direction of award-winning winemaker Larry Cherubino, will accompany your meal. 

The Gourmet Escape programme is also full of incredible experiences and collaborations; from cruising across Geographe Bay at the Nautical Feast aboard Kimberley Quest II; feasting on a Latin American collaboration between Alex Atala and Porteno at Argentina to Amazon at Larry Cherubino; and hitting new heights on The High Life with Paul Iskov, this is one Gourmet Escape you don’t want to miss. 

With favourite events such as Feast in the Forest and SunsetBeats & Bites returning to the programme, there are plenty of foodie experiences to indulge in, and get stuck into! 

This year’s line-up will see many fresh faces travelling from all corners of the globe including the worlds most renowned wine critic, Jancis Robinson OBE MW, as well as a special appearance from Australian favourite Curtis Stone who will officially open the festival at the Audi Gourmet Beach BBQ on Thursday evening. Pierre Koffmann (La Tante Claire, London), Luke Nguyen (Red Lantern, Sydney) and Asia’s best female chef May Chow (Little Bao, Hong Kong) will also join us, plus we welcome back Alex Atala, Rick Stein, Dan Hong, Andre Chiang #14 on the World's 50 Best and local favourite Matt Stone!

Full details........




It's beer-o'clock in Queensland

(Photo by Roslyn Budd)

Brew-tastic, they are calling it: Queensland’s best craft beers revealed

If you thought Queensland was just a one beer state, you’re way ‘off tap’. The amber ale revolution continues to grip the nation, and Queensland beer expert Matt Kirkegaard reckons the sunshine state can lay claim to the fastest growth of craft beer in Australia.

Although Matt can’t correlate the relationship between pale ales and hipster hairdos, he says the craft beer movement is “a far cry from where we started – and Queensland has some of the most exciting beer culture in Australia at the moment.”

What’s driving this change? “Brewers love coming to Queensland”, Matt the beer sensei says.

Seems there’s no better place to down a refreshing ale, and no better time than the present to celebrate.

So, here’s cheers to all those beer connoisseurs who truly ‘give a xxxx’. Bottoms up to the state's top seven beers and breweries!

(Photo by Roslyn Budd)


Riddle me this: How can Queensland’s youngest brewery serve Queensland’s oldest beer? Hemingway’s Brewery in Port Douglas might be the new kid on the brewing-block, but its ingredients have stood the test of time.

Their brewskis are made from water that’s spent 40,000 years trickling over sacred stones of Mossman Gorge. After just one sip, I swear the ancient-aqua makes all the difference to the flavour.

Hemingway’s Brewery serves up beers with names like Doug’s Courage, Hard Yards, Kick Back, Mrs Watson, Pitchfork Betty’s and The Prospector – best washed down with Port Douglas’ waterfront views. I challenge you to stop at one sun downer once you settle in.



Not all superheros wear capes. Some pop bottles and swig beer, like James Grugeon, the brains behind The Good Beer Co, Australia’s First Social Enterprise Beer Company.

This Bargara-based brewing bro is all about the win-win – a great-tasting beer that raises more than a passing toast to an even ‘greater’ cause. The Great Barrier Reef, that is, with 50% of sale profits from the Great Barrier Beer going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

It’s not just me who thinks it’s a delicious drop. Brewski Bar owner and founder of Brisbane’s Brewsvegas festival, Matt Emmerson, has this to say: “It was the fastest we’ve ever sold two kegs of beer – the customers couldn’t get enough!”



Move over paddock-to-plate, there’s a new movement in town: brewery-to-beer glass (put simply, cutting down the food beer miles between maker and mouth).

The main bar at The Brewery Townsville is so close to its hops HQ, you might as well skip the home-brew course and call yourself a master beer-maker. They do it all here – milling, mashing, brewing, cooling, fermenting, conditioning, bottling, and most importantly tapping, so you can watch barley transform to beer before your very eyes.

Their signature brew is Townsville Bitter, but those who like a little more colour to their ale can try Bandito Loco, Belgian Blonder, Digger’s, Ned’s Red and Flannagan’s – names which give a nod to their regional Queensland history.



A beer made out of hibiscus flowers? Surely you’ve heard everything now? But don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. This bright pink drink is brewed-bliss – not to mention the fact it’s 100% gluten free.

Behind Ocean View Estates gluten free beer is none other than Australia’s youngest female brewer, Hannah Honnef, who is committed to converting non-beer drinkers to her liquid gold, one drink at a time.

Channelling her German roots from Ocean View Estates craft brewery in Dayboro, we can expect big things from this pocket rocket – she’s another great example of female fermenting talent.

Pull up a pew at the cellar door and try her German-style lager, pale ale, nutbrown ale (made with Australian wattle seeds) and a chocolate porter with French Oak, or match them with a Bine & Dine lunch package at the on-site restaurant.



For beer with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, wrap your laughing gear around Wabbit Saison carrot beer – the brainchild-beer of a craft brewer and a carrot farmer faced with the problem of what to do with his excess stock.

It started with a thought bubble and just like that, on the volcanic soil of the Scenic Rim, a new venture was formed. Now, beer and non-beer drinkers alike can chink glasses and thank Kalbar for carrot ale!

Hop to it – you can find the oh-so amber ale on tap at Four Hearts Brewing Company in Ipswich, with each schooner packing 16% carrot juice. Surely there’s no better way of topping up your five-a-day dose of veggies, right?



Balter in Currumbin is already making waves in the Gold Coast’s local brewing community, promising good beer and great company. Sure, a beer produced by surfing greats like Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Bede Durbridge and Josh Kerr won’t have you riding barrels like the best of them, but they will have you lining up for more.

Their XPA (extra pale ale) already has hops-connoisseur tongues wagging with its punchy, tropical and floral aromatics. It might be pale, but there is nothing ‘light on’ about the flavours found around here. Two more beers are set to join the Balter podium in coming months. We think that’s just swell!



With only two months of brewing under its belt, Brouhaha on the Sunshine Coast is certainly creating what its name set out to do.

Founded by locals for locals, the premise here is simple – making premium craft beer, matched with good food, all set against the rolling green hills of Maleny.

If the quality of the beer comes down to the skill of the brewer, the chief brewer here is the Neil Perry of the beer world – piecing together delicate flavours and already drawing rave reviews.

With nine signature ales on tap in less than two months, we look forward to seeing what’s next.

For even more Queensland craft beers......



Secret tables

Most visitors to another country wish they could tap into the local knowledge and be directed to the best place to enjoy a truly delicious local meal. Get your appetities revving because here are several local secrets you must not miss!

These off the beaten track places are hidden gems that would have nothing to envy in the dining scenes of big Asian cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. Here are some incredible chefs in unexpected places who will surprise and inspire food-lovers from around the world.



Mie Café – Siem Reap, Cambodia

The use of chemical-free, local and seasonal ingredients is a priority for Chef Pola, creating a cuisine that reflects his personality: generous, low-profile, sensitive and caring. Set inside his grandmother's old Khmer wooden house, Chef Pola has just released a Rainy Season Vegan Tasting Menu, with the ambition to become to be a fully vegetarian restaurant by 2018.

Don't miss out on:

* Wild mushroom tart with tofu and cream of cashew nut

* Bamboo stew with coffee, palm sugar, orange and basil herb.



Manda De Laos – Luang Prabang, Laos

Immersed in tropical ambience and the beauty of three UNESCO World Heritage lotus ponds, the flavours of traditional Laotian cuisine and fine dining come to life whilst overlooking a magical display of lotus blossoms and floating lilies. The menu at Manda De Laos is dedicated to sharing how one cooked and ate in the past.

Indulge every one of your senses with the:

* Ping Dook Moo - Succulent Pork ribs glazed with jungle honey that slide off the bone served on a bed of herb salad.

* Choux Banana - Eclair stuffed with vanilla ice-cream and caramelised banana - served with rich homemade chocolate sauce.



SEEDS Restaurant & Lounge – Yangon, Myanmar

The brainchild of Swiss Michelin Star Chef Felix Eppisser and his wife Lucia, guests can expect an ever-changing menu inspired by foods of the highest of quality available in Myanmar. Dining at SEEDS is an always new and surprising experience - each dish thought out to perfection and guided solely by flavour and the imagination.

On the menu don't fail to try:

* Gourmet Sandwich of Blue Fine Tuna with orange-mustard-Sauce, rocket leaves and rose salt

* Angus Beef Tenderloin with basil pesto mousseline, goat cheese and mushroom Cannelloni



JL Studio - Taichung, Taiwan

Chef Jimmy Lim Tyan Yaw at JL Studio specialises in creating a deeply imaginative and poetic version of Modern Singaporean Cuisine. Defined as "Mod-Sin", strives to use (where possible) 100% all local produce, sourced from local farmers who practice responsible and sustainable agricultural methods. Chef Jimmy endeavours to capture the artistic imagination of his guests while allowing them to savour every mouthful while adding an element of fun and mystery.

Spark your creative juices with a taste of:

* Kueh Pie Tee (aka Kueh Pai Tee, a popular Peranakan dish).

Above is a crispy rice tart shell filled with jimaca, carrot, mushroom, dried cuttlefish and dried shrimps. Lightly torched local red coral shrimp, caught along the coastal line of northern Taiwan, and preserved lemon is added for freshness. The tart is decorated with fresh herbs and edible flowers from the "Herb guy" Mr Wang, from Nantou, Puli.

Chef Jimmy came across a poem on the Merlion - an iconic mythical creature of Singapore, and what caught his eye was the description of the creature's scales. Thus this beautiful dessert was born, made primarily of mango and coconut. Coconut juice discs, coconut cream discs and a sugar tuile disc finish the beautiful image of fish scales.



Supanniga Eating Room, Thanaruek Laorauvirodge

For the owner and designer of  this restaurant, the chef's goal was to share the cusines he has always enjoyed within his family, authentic Thai recipes that have been passed down to him by his grandmother. Family recipes enjoyed for over 80years that were first shared and enjoyed by Thanareuk's guests at his family boutqiue hotel Supanniga Home he now brings these family recipes to Bangkok, authentic homestyle cooking in the heart of Bangkok.

July 2017 marked the new opening of Supanniga Eating Room by Khunyai X Roots Coffee, located with magnificent views across Chao Phraya River and Wat Arun. The all-day dining concept menu features dishes such as:

* Pu Jah (blended crabmeat and pork seasoned with purely red pepper from Chantaburi and steamed inside crab shell)

* Khao Krieb Nahm Jim (steamed rice noodle with spicy dried shrimp dressing)

* Panang Nue Lai (chunky beef red curry topped with fresh coconut and chopped kafir lime leaves).


For bookings and more information ....



Alcohol: How does it affect the flavors in your drink?

Ever wondered why a glass of wine tastes less fruity than non-alcoholic grape juice? Or why adding water to whisky coaxes out subtle, new flavors? Sit back, pour yourself a glass and take this crash course in flavor perception to learn how different aromas are affected by alcohol. By the time you're done, you'll know exactly what you're tasting!

Read more....



International travellers are always changing time zones and even seasons if they travel north to south.

InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, the world's largest luxury hotel brand, has the answer, creating a new global Culinary Calendar, designed to be a snapshot of five-star seasonal dishes for food and travel enthusiasts around the world.

The new seasonal map showcases world-class dining experiences available to guests throughout the year, in every corner of the globe. From unique dining destinations to signature dishes created by an enviable roster of renowned chefs, the Culinary Calendar illustrates the brand's unwavering commitment to offering the best seasonal and local cuisines.

Featured in the new Culinary Calendar and leading the growing food trend to offer versatile and innovative seafood-inspired menus, InterContinental Santiago's signature Seafood Ceviche served in Autumn, perfectly demonstrates the 'ocean-to-plate concept' with its octopus, shrimp and squid, caught and served on the same day. Adding to the culturally authentic dining experience, the ceviche is paired with a traditional Pisco Sour cocktail, a recipe that originated in the region.

Across the Pacific Ocean to Japan, the Winter menu at InterContinental-ANA Tokyo offers guests Tokyo's highest grade Blowfish Sashimi, one of the country's most exclusive seafood delicacies sourced from the famed Tsukiji Market. For lovers of lobster, InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam is the place to visit in Spring, with the famous and locally sourced, Blue Lobster served alongside InterContinental's classic Old Fashioned Worldly Classic Cocktail.

Also featured in the Culinary Calendar is InterContinental Bali Resort, located in one of the world's most desirable travel destinations. The hotel's renowned Summer signature dish, Marinated Duck in Pepes Tahu served with sautéed chilli vegetables, is the resort's most sought-after menu item and is perfectly complemented by a White Two Island Sangria, made with Balinese white wine and local tropical fruits.

For guests travelling to North-America, InterContinental Los Angeles Century City offers mouth-watering Seared Diver Scallops with carrot-lime purée and local purple cauliflower during the Autumn months. Using succulent scallops caught in the nearby Gulf of California, the speciality dish is full of vibrant coloursnd textures to reflect the changing colours of the season and is complemented by a Mexicali Garden cocktail, flavoured with herbs and fruit grown in California.

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Tickets to the signature events at the Orange Wine Festival are now available.

There's the Wine & Food Night Market, a highlight of the festival with over 50 stalls offering award winning wines from the Orange Region and food prepared by our local chefs and cooks with a focus on the local provenance of our produce. Set in stunning Robertson Park, relax to the sound of local music with family and friends at long communal tables.

Wine in the Vines - Come and meet the maker! Food and wine lovers are taken on a journey of discovery around a number of the region's cellar doors and shown by the winemakers themselves, how their favourite tipple goes from vine to wine.

And many more events to entertain, instruct and relax you.

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Join the sourdough project

If you have ever wanted to lkearn how to make a loaf like this..... should read on.

It all starts with this - which of course is called a 'starter'.

Some sourdough starters are very old, heritage starters. Such starters have been passed along, person to person, through families. In some cases, they are passed from just one person in a generation to just one person in the next, the way the family’s prized silver might be passed. 

This fascinating project is studying just how starters vary and learning more about the mystery and magic of making sourdough. Recently they accepted samples of hundreds of starters form keen bakers all over the world. 

Join in, or find out more....

What's next? The real study begins now with the donated sourdough starters being grown and analysed.

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A taste of Norfolk

The Taste Norfolk Island Food Festival will be served up again at the popular Australian holiday destination in 2017 with appetites at the ready for the fourth hosting of this fun event on the culinary calendar.


Taste Norfolk Island is on from 27 November to 1 December again showcasing the best of talented local chefs, cooks, eateries, artisans and primary producers in a host of stunning settings.

Norfolk Island has grown to be a food-lover's destination with fresh fish, succulent beef and pork, fruit and vegetables picked daily, boutique products including artisan cheese, honey, handmade chocolates and a winery plus more on the island’s doorstep to offer a true paddock to plate experience.

The local community, which combines generations of passion and resourcefulness, will present menus representing an amazing blend of cultures and pass on some of their tips and secrets on the creation of the many and varied dishes to be enjoyed throughout the 
week-long event.

Festival guests will also sit down to a spectacular Thanksgiving Day Feast celebrating the tradition passed down over generations by the island’s Pitcairn and American Whaler ancestors.

Festival activities include:

Norfolk Blue & 100 acre farm walking tour

Blue Kingfisher cooking with fresh fish and produce

Seriously Chocolate fun chocolate-making class

Norfolk Blue gourmet sausage-making class

Pods Pickle Factor tour of island home and tasting of local delicacies

Culinary Journey cooking in a traditional underground oven

The Barn tour of market and kitchen gardens with food tasting

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Norfolk Island is long-regarded as a wonderful place to holiday with family and friends or escape with a loved one. In addition to fabulous culinary experiences, countless activities include swimming, fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, surfing, cycling and bushwalking. There are glass bottom boat tours and ocean trips to Phillip Island, and attractions including Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama.

A further attraction of historical significance is the World Heritage listed Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area, the oldest of the eleven Australian penal colonies.


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