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Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg before it is broken.― M.F.K. Fisher



The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life. ― Agnes Repplier


National Day of ...


Libya 1 September (Coup d'état of 1969)

What do Libyians eat?


Slovakia, 1 September (Constitution Day, independence from Czechoslovakia 1993)

Cuisine of Slovakia....


Uzbekistan 1 September (Independence Day, declaration of independence from the Soviet Union 1991)

Dining in Uzbekistan....


See all the National Days for August...



Food related events....

SEPTEMBER 2014, food-related events.



Food related events on this date in history!



Want even more food history?


...visit The Old Foodie.



See where we have been...

24 percent of the world's countries!



The French love wine, but they consume another drink even more!

Learn where to find it at its source!


Not all art belongs in a gallery.

See these outdoor sculptures....


Outer-space artists??

Where is this....?


If you missed seeing last week's story about Kashmir.... it is now.


SIX great whalewatching destinations worldwide.

Discover where they are...


Did you know that France covers more time-zones than any other country?

Find out why...


Spice travel with Herbie!

Learn more here....


We caught a whale!

...on camera



Stay in a Royal Pavilion in the desert...

Where, where?



Lovely Kerala has more than elephants to experience...

.... but the elephants are pretty special!


Narrowboats are a fun way to experience rural England.

Find out why...


Formerly Portuguese, now India's smallest state, Goa offers a mixed bag of enticements.

Read more......


Do you know what is the world's largest salt flat?



London's cat cafe is a unique addition to the city's dining scene.

Where is it?


Ever dreamed of having your own place in France.

This may make it easier....



A food and wine tour in one of France's most beautiful regions.

Learn more about it...






Want to sleep in a tree?

Then bring your own treehouse!





Here's the ideal gourmet way to pack in some extra Vitamin C this winter.

Find out what it is....





We've been talking about mineral waters this week...

So try this quiz and see what elese you can learn....



Now you can enjoy a Godfather's Feast and the Isle of Love.... one leisurely cruise.




.............and Apps and DVDs


America-bound travellers, take note! 

The fully revised edition is now  available....


If you'd like a food-loving guide to show you around Paris, Jane is the person to do this.

Read her book....


Want to eat the world? Here 39 cuisines have been explored and explained.

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Love cooking, like trivia?

This book is for you!



Ever wondered what makes Melbourne so special?

This book will show you....


The Big Apple has some huge and hidden surprises.

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Now you can bake like Phillippa!

Get ready for the compliments!

Got friends coming for a party - this is the book for you!

Find some new recipes....

Everything you always wanted to know about almonds....

.....and recipes to use them

Love on a Greek island. A cliche or a delightful romance?

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Hands up who's off to Brazil for the World Cup? Who's watching it on TV?

All fans will need this book....

One of the stars of MasterChef share his take on healthy food.

Good and good for you!

Are you ready for a fashionable shopping spree in Paris?

You need this book!

If you have small children and live in Sydney or Melbourne, these cute but very helpful guides are for you!


The world's greatest maritime explorer - and real person.

An engaging read...

Never feel lonely again, even when eating at a table for one.

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 Would you like to cook like an Italian nonna?

Silvia can show you how....

Sneak a peek at the tried, true, and prize-winning recipes of CWA Judge, Merle Parrish.

...learn to cook like she does


Burma is a mystery to many people. Its food is even more obscure.

Read this and be delighted...

Craving a burger? Live in Victoria - or visiting?

This book is a must to read...

Finally Sydney has its own Gault & Millau restaurant guide...

....but do you know how to pronounce it?

The biggest and most beautiful book of Italian food.

Read about it here....

Rick Stein searches India for the perfect curry.

Find out about it...

A stunning coffee table book from one of Australia's most famous photographers.

An ideal gift for Christmas....


Coffee seems to be the fluid which fuels most of us in this beautiful book

Learn about who grows it, roasts it and makes it.


If you think you may be the only person 'that everything happens to' when travelling - read this!



and laugh out loud....

Give this book and you give even more. 



find out how.......





Taste the world

Have we got a cupboardful of goodies for you this week!

First, it's off to South America, to Peru, the country which is becoming the food icon of the world. And what better way than to capture it at Latin America's largest food festival!


Mistura is held each September along Lima’s coast, this year’s celebration lasting from September 5-14 anticipates close to a half million visitors over the 10-day gastronomic extravaganza. Visitors are advised to go early in order to immerse themselves, along with thousands of Limeños and visitors, in a gustatory salute to Peru's gastronomic abundance. Appropriately enough, this year’s theme will focus on biodiversity and nutrition.


Andean Lakeside Pachamanca

pachamanca is a banquet dating to pre-Incan times that is prepared underground using hot stones.  This festive meal often accompanies weddings or other important celebrations and includes a panoply of regional foods meant to be shared amongst many. A favorite spot for a pachamanca is along the shores of one of the magical lakes in the Sacred Valley, ideally after a kayak session and definitely in the company of good friends.


Virgen del Carmen Celebration

For three days each July, Paucartambo becomes the staging ground for an energy-charged, heart-felt homage to the town's beloved Mamacha Carmen (the Virgen of Carmen). Integral to the festivities are some of the traditional foods served, including slow-roasted pork shared in homes and 'anticuchos de corazón' (marinated, grilled beef hearts served on a stick) eaten in the streets.


Ceviche Dock-to-Dish Adventure

While it’s a given that you should try one of Lima’s excellent cevicherías, it’s recommended to begin by taking a short ride along the coast on a fisherman’s skiff where you’ll see the city from the water and hear about the rich bounty of the cold Humboldt current which runs up Peru's coast. After retuning to land to marvel at the freshly caught seafood at the Chorillos market, Kane suggests that visitors make their way to one of Barranco’s or Miraflores' renowned ceviche dens.


Farmers Market Picnic in Reducto Park

After perusing the mouthwatering organic fare at Lima’s longest-running weekly farmer’s market, visitors can then spread blankets at Parque Reducto and enjoy freshly purchased foods. Here they mingle with Limeño families, couples and friends enjoying one of Lima’s most relaxing green spaces. Children enjoy the vintage train and live music rendered by retired musicians on Saturday mornings.

Too late to attend this year's events? Contact Culture Xplorers...... This company offers handcrafted journeys that deepen understanding and foster connection between travelers and local communities around the world.


Sydney, Australia visits France

There is a tiny part of Sydney that will be forever France. It is here that French-born chef, David Bitton has created Bitton Cafe & Bistro, the sort of bistro you'd post about on Facebook if you found it in rural France, or a back street of Paris.

Now he has been joined by another French chef, protegée Leonard Michaud, and together they have planned a series of dinners featuring various regions of France.

Currently they have four dinners planned, but France has many regions, and this team has huge enthusiasm, so who knows?

Find out more about the dinners. For more information....



Every now and again, something comes along that is so beautiful, so captivating, that it's impossible to keep quiet about it.

These garnishing 'pearls' are the brainchild of NSW food producer (aka genius) Peter Nicholson of Nicholson Fine Foods. They have caught the eye of judges at food awards around the country, and the imagination of chefs and cooks who have used them. They have the eye appeal of fine caviar (but without the environmental issue) and the flavour of...well, many things!




Discover some fun ways to enjoy your Garnishing Pearls......

Watch a video on how the pearls are made....


Let's taste the world's best chocolate!

In Ecuador (that little country straddling its namesake, the equator) the leading purveyor of extraordinary experiences is passionate about sharing the stories and products of Quito’s finest artisanal workshops.

May We Introduce You is a new campaign of award-winning ecotourism company Tropic that creates unique-to-Tropic visits to workshops as the centerpieces of tours of this UNESCO World Heritage Site

Starting near the end of 2014, Tropic guests may enjoy a 90-minute tasting tour at the new showroom of Ecuador’s award-winning indigenous chocolate company, Pacari, that made a clean sweep of the dark chocolate field in a 2013 international competition in London.


Pacari is the first single-origin, 100 percent organic chocolate made entirely in Ecuador. (The word Pacari means "nature" in Quechua, an indigenous language of the Andean region.) The new tasting room scheduled to open at the end of the year is in Quito’s trendy, bohemian La Floresta neighborhood, home to top restaurants and boutique hotels.

Activities will include a guided journey by story and video through the history of Ecuadorian cacao and a tasting of the award-winning Pacari chocolate. The presentation also focuses on the agricultural side of chocolate cultivation and production and the communities that work with Pacari to bring the product to market.

Want to know more? Read here.....


Jim Kane, the founding director of Culture Xplorers is also on the board of of directors of the World Food Travel Association (WFTA).

Here is what he sees as three developing trends in the future of food travel:


Food for Social Change

"This is a budding movement which is particularly strong in Latin America," he says. "One of my favorite regional projects is the Pachacútec Culinary Institute (ICP) just north of Lima.  Peruvian super-chef Gastón Acurio partnered with the Fundación Pachacútec to create a top notch culinary school along the coastal desert in Pachacútec. It recruits students from some of Lima’s poorest communities and costs a tenth the tuition of a private institute, offering life-changing opportunities to its graduates. As part of Culture Xplorers’ unique partnership with the ICP, we bring travelers for a cooking lesson side-by-side with the students, who then share this meal with the visitors.”


Adventure Foraging

“Autumn is a great season for foraging in Cataluña, Spain, where you can easily travel from the Pyrenees to the coast in the same day," says Kane. "One of my favorite adventures here is to accompany a seasoned botanist — alongside plenty of local ‘boletaires’ (mushroom hunters) — on a quest for highly prized, seasonal wild mushrooms in the forested foothills of the Pyrenees. Then switch gears and kayak along the Catalan coast in search of edible seaweed and aromatic herbs.”

Trekking & Terroir is a way he also sees as a form of connecting with the land and local producers is already in full bloom in many places around the world. "One of my favorite recent experiences is shadowing a Basque shepherd on an engaging variation of his morning rounds, re recounts. "First we try our hand at milking one of the indigenous Latxa breed of sheep which produce the region’s famed Idiazabal cheese. We make and chill 'cuajada' (fresh cheese curd) and taste some of the farmhouse cheese washed down with a bottle of refreshing, txakoli (sparkling) wine. A 90-minute walk through rolling hills and pine-covered trails works back our appetite just in time for lunch! “

More details....



It had to happen! Yet another international luxury cuisine and travel title has launched into domestic and global circulation with the Summer 2014 Edition!

Good Things has a special angle, though. It champions premium multicultural cuisine for the curious, aspirational foodie. Although it focuses on dining out at the finest restaurants and entertaining at home in luxury, it will also invoke wanderlust with informative travel and culture pieces on the birthplaces of cuisines and dishes, as well as celebrating religious and cultural festivals traditionally yet elegantly.

Good Things is also available as a digital magazine on all digital platforms including Apple, Android and Google Play, Kindle and Amazon, Windows and for desktops on This makes it accessible for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Kindle, Windows phones, Mac and PC. The title is also complemented by a dedicated website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) which will deliver up-to-date news, eye-catching photography and rich content. 


Meanwhile, in the red heart of Australia, near Alice Springs, the Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre has become a leader in the field of sustainability in education and eco-tourism. As the first 100 percent carbon neutral venue in the outback of Australia, Earth Sanctuary also plays host to exclusive events and team building programs.

At the heart of Earth Sanctuary is Quandong Homestead. Surrounded by native quandong (plum) trees, the Homestead is a beautifully restored Outback Restaurant now operating as an exclusive bar, grill and bush oven cuisine. 

WATCH a video......


Quandong Homestead is open every Friday night for a buffet dinner and free astronomy tour. 

More details....


"Give the kids a kick-start in the kitchen," suggests esteemed food-writer Sheridan Rogers, whose new eBookMini Chef: Cooking with Kids, is also now available online.....  and at iBooks.

With 80 recipes for kids to make with a helping hand from Mum or Dad, heaps of helpful hints and stunning photographs by Andrew PayneMini Chef will encourage the whole family to start cooking. Mini Chef takes children's curiosity and skills in creating meals to a new level.

Sheridan Rogers starts by introducing children to the basic skills, from peeling vegetables to separating eggs and melting chocolate. From here the cooking world for children is their oyster as they can flip through the colourful pages on their iPads or Kindles. 

With recipes such as Golden Roast Chicken with Lemon Potatoes and a side of Cauliflower Cheese followed by Fresh Fruit with White Chocolate Dip for dessert, this is an eBook for parents looking to be excited by their children's creative cooking skills.

Quirky recipes for Watermelon Shark, Funny Face Fruit Cake, Walkabout Chocolate Beetroot Cupcakes and Echidna Pavlova inject an element of fun.

“In my Mini Chef cooking classes, I teach the children about real food, not mickey mouse or celebrity chef food”, says Sheridan. “They learn how to peel a carrot, grate it, chop it, put it into a dish and eat it. They also learn how to make a variety of delicious soups, pasta dishes, breads, pizzas, tacos, sandwiches, drinks and jellies, the recipes for which can be found in this book.
Today, many mothers don't have the time to teach their kids the important skills of cooking and gardening, which is why I run my classes from my home, and take the children out into my garden to learn about the vegetables and herbs growing there.

Mini Chef: Cooking with Kids won a Silver Award in the recent Independent Publisher's Awards in the U.S.

Sheridan Rogers has over 30 years' experience in the food industry and is an award-winning food writer, broadcaster and stylist. She has previously written six books and self-published an eBook A Sweet Little Book in 2012 with photographer Andrew Payne, for which they won a Gold Award.



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Visit Paris - with Parisian chef David Bitton for the first of a series of iconic French regional dinners, on Wednesday August 27th. Bitton Cafe & Bistro



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DISCOVER the WINNERS in this year's ABC.delicious Fine Food Awards.


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Maille mustard has been a leader worldwide since 1747. Now it is in Australia!

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New blog on the block!

World Baking where Sally shares breads of a country on its own National Day.



Truffle Festival, Canberra and Capital region, June 21-late-August

Margaret River Gourmet Escape, WA, November 21-23


SBS's Feast magazine is out again, full of stunning recipes.

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Need a coffee????


330 of Sydney's BEST cafes in this HUGELY POPULAR iPhone and iPad app!

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 visit the blog and hear the good news! 

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Australian Gourmet Traveller has released its annual restaurant guide.

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SEPTEMBER food-related events worldwide.



Queensland has whales too...

....and they are helping research!



Let's go WHALE spotting in Sydney!


They're migrating NOW!



Discover Cape Town's romantic side. 

Find out more....


NSW's Central West has TEN great Food and Wine experiences for the cooler months.

Check these out!


Where better to take a French cookery course.....

...than in Paris?

Taste Miami with someone who knows.

See how to do it...

Shopping in Paris is great fun - but you might need some help...

...and not just with carrying your purchases!

Find out more.....


JOIN US on a food and wine  tour of Languedoc-Roussillon & the Midi Pyrenees this year!


Now you can travel and pick up some artistic skills - and enjoy Italian cuisine.

...find out where

Here is the answer for food and wine lovers travelling around Australia.

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Planning on visiting Rio this year for the FIFA World Cup?

Find out how to save money on accommodation...


Find out about the (sometimes colourful) past of  Australia's first city:

slhlogoiPhone and iPad App packed with information and pics. what has made Sydney the great city it is.

BUY IT NOW on iTunes here

or for Android  here!

Newcastle, NSW, has lots planned for this year.

See what....scroll to the bottom of the past.

Now is the harvest festival season in Australia.

See what Victoria has planned...

A year of fabulous food festivals is ahead in 2014 for Britain!

Find out when and where....

Scotland has a lot planned for 2014.

And they're inviting everyone!

What's happening in Rome this month....

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Uncover Spain with an expert chef.

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Glasgow says it's game to host the Commonwealth Games this year.

See what is planned!

Meet the world's most famous mermaid - now over 100 years old!

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