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Favourite Food


Travel quotes


His high spiced wares were made to sell, and they sold; and his thousands of readers could as rationally charge their delight in filth upon him, as a glutton can shift upon his cook the responsibility of his beastly excess. – Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit


There are no tips for life neither for travelling. – Guido Colombo


National days.....


Iran 11 February (Victory of Islamic Revolution)

On the menu in Iran...

Trivia about is the world's biggest producer of pistachios, as well as saffron.



Japan 11 February (National Foundation Day, Jimmu, the first emperor, is crowned in year 660 BC)

What is the cuisine of Japan?

Japanese trivia...Japan's national anthem is based on a 9th century poem.



SerbiaFebruary 15 (1835) The beginning of the Serbian revolution against Ottoman rule 1804, first constitution 1835

What is eaten in Serbia?

Serbian trivia: Serbia produces over 30 percent of the world’s raspberries and is the world’s largest  exporter of them.



Lithuania 16 February (Lithuanian State Re-establishment Day, declaration of independence from Russia and Germany 1918)

On the menu in Lithuania....

Lithuanian trivia: Six hundred years ago Lithuania was one of the largest countries in Europe.



Kosovo 17 February (see 2008 Kosovo declaration of independence)

On Kosovo's menu....

Kosovo trivia: It is Europe's newest country.



Gambia 18 February (Independence Day, from the United Kingdom 1965)

On the menu in Gambia....

Trivia for Gambia: The land area of The Gambia into the UK 206 times!



Nepal 18 February (Martyr's Day)

Eating in Nepal...

Trivia for Nepal: The word Himalaya means 'the home or abode of snow'.



See all National Days for FEBRUARY



Food related events....

Strangest US food festivals in 2016


Food festivals WORLDWIDE in



Food related events on this date in history!




...visit The Old Foodie.



See where we have been...

24 percent of the world's countries!



Australian travellers - do you need a visa?

Check the visa requirements by country...

Read more....

Find out which visas are the most difficult to receive....




Pack safe. Here's how to know what is allowed and what is BANNED.  


Here's an update on the US HAZMAT rules for aircraft luggage.





Stay connected even when off the beaten track.

(pic: Fiona Harper)

Here's how....




Turmeric is a colourful Indian ingredient - excellent for your health.

But did you know you can drink it?




It's a New Year on the Chinese calendar.  Here are some fun Chinese sayings.......

........about food!




Want to cruise a French canal but...

 ....without the responsibility of being skipper? 




.............and Apps and DVDs


Start planning for Tokyo 2020 Olympics or go earlier.

This guide is what you need....



Did you think salads were only for summer?

Think again!....



Always wanted to visit Turkey? You've been, and loved the food?

This book is for you....



One of Australia's top chefs, shares good and tasty dishes for home cooks.

Read more here...



It's that 'sweet spot' of the year when some sugary treats are even more welcome.

Sweeten up your life....



Trivia buffs - this book is for you.

Especially if you love to travel...


Just in time for the holiday season.

Check your favourite wineries....



Three cities full of secrets.


Learn where they are.....



Take a trip to stylish Amsterdam!

It will be worth the trip....



The world's BIGGEST bread cookbook.

See for yourself...



A true story of survival of a family and the cuisine of their homeland.

A must-read....


If you love a bit of mystery and wackiness with your travel, this book is for you.

Find out all about it....



There is much more to Rio de Janeiro than meets the eye.

Discover its secrets....



Do you need some travel ideas? Here are 1001 historic sites to visit.

Start planning now...



Ah, Chocolate! Here presented by 'the queen of chocolate'!

Find out more....



If you always thought cooking Indian was too difficult....

... think again and see how easy it can be.



Find out what Edinburgh has been hiding.

Read more here.....



Need somewhere to rest during a busy day in London?

Here are about a hundred ideas....



Do you love Paris? Would you like to really know your way around?

This book will show you how...



Favourite cookery book writer Anneke Manning, opens her BakeClub files.

See what she is sharing...



What's for dinner? Now you kn ow with the help of this expert.

Nadia's book has the answers....



Is there such a thing as a quiet spot in Los Angeles?

This book shares 120 of them....



If you love food and travel equally, this new novel might satisfy your hunger.

Take a look....



If you think you know Australia well, you need to see this book and realise there is still more.




Sydney has many precincts and now you may explore them.

See what you may have been missing out on....



Have you been to Berlin? This book will make you want to visit.

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Something for every day of the year from famous writers and speakers through the ages.

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Now you can cook all your favourite foods from Japan's capital.

Find out about it...



Here's a book with double value.

Find out what it is.....



India has some of the best vegatarian dishes in the world.

Find them in this new book....



Chef-farmer Matthew Evans helps us through hot weather cooking.




Could this be the el Bulli of Australia?

Find out why.....



Spend some time with Australia's 'Queen of Nyona'.

Learn her history and Asian cooking secrets....



Looking for a way to spend your weekends in Australia in 2016? 

Here are 52 suggestions complete with things to do and places to eat....

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Hate waste? Want to feed your family healthily?

Get preserving....



Frustrated by a fridge full of leftovers? Don't know what to do with them?

Your worries are over....



It's not often a Michelin-starred chef shares his favourite home-style recipes.

Get the help of an expert...



Attention! All those who thought they would never cook Japanese food at home!

A leading chef show you how....



How to eat like an Italian! 

Fratelli Fresh's Barry McDonald gives the recipes you need....



Lovers of Middle Eastern food will devour this book - and its wonderful recipes.




Too old to colour-in? Not with this delightful book.

Release your inner child...


Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton would like to assist you in your kitchen...

.... that is, his amazing dessert cookbook will.



Outback food from a Masterchef contestant.

See what the country has to offer....


NEW from Lonely Planet


See more...



Meatballs for everyone - from the Meatball and Wine Bar.

Read about them...



Lovers of food and beer, need to see this latest book from Ross Dobson.

Find out more.....



Perfect for summer. Hartsyard shares its secrets.

Learn them all....


Aimed at the food industry, but also valuable for home cooks, this tongue-in-cheek book might make you think.




One of the delights of travel is eating on the street.

This book helps you cook the food at home too...



One family of foods can help you eat your way to health!

Find out how....



Heart-shaped Tasmania is all about good food.

Find out who is making it even better ........



How big is your garden? Even a tiny courtyard is big enough to add to your menu.

Find out how....



The best of the best. Iconic cookery teacher Gretta Anna's recipes with her son Martin Teplitzky.

See it here....



Food is art - and here, a master chef  marries Italian cuisine and painting.

Find out more about a truly beautiful book ...


For those who love the world and its beauty and want a REAL life.....

.....this is the book for you.



Fancy some fishing - with a chef and TV celebrity and two other seafood experts?

Go fishing (and cooking) with these there....



Heading for Hong Kong? Take this book (and an appetite) with you!

Read all about it.....


Explore 19 areas and discover Tokyo's best food and shopping.

Read more....



Everyone's favourite grandmother and cook, as known by her grand-daughter, Kate Gibbs....

....sharing her recipes for life , and for the kitchen



Now you can create your own home patisserie.

A top French patissier shows how....



Does Australia have the world's best beaches?

Find out where Australia's best ones are....


Join five women for a weekly meal in Umbria, Italy - simple, but so much more.

Find out about this beautiful book... 


You probably know of Rick Stein from his TV and cookbook fame, as well as his restaurants...

..but now you can get to know him from his memoir


Put the Taste of Australia into your meals with Lyndey Milan's latest book.

Read more....


Love cooking, like trivia?

This book is for you!






Guess these places

How well-travelled are you?

Nicknames. Most of us have one. We give them to our friends, and sometimes they are assigned to towns and cities - or even a country. Often they are funny. Many are descriptive. Let's have a look at some of them, and turn it into a sort of quiz.

See how well you can do!

Here are sixty nicknames – can you guess which place they belong to? Some ar SO-O-O easy - the others are (well) a little tricky!

HINT: the nickname might refer to a city or a country - and the pictures might help. CLICK on them and see what you learn.....


Auld Reekie




Chocolate city



City by the bay


Pearl of the Orient

The nickname could also refer to this place (below)....

...or this. 


City of a thousand trades


City of arcades


City of Counts


City of the dreaming spires


City of Gardens


City of Lilies


City of the sun


City of wine


Dear green place


Celestial City


Golden Triangle


 Harbour City




La Belle Ville


Bride of the Sea 


Land below the wind 


Land of a thousand lakes


Land of hope and glory

(extra points if you can name the country and the county)


Land of Milk and Honey 

(extra points for naming the lake)


Land of poets


Land of Smiles


Land of the Incas


Land of the Long White Cloud


Land of the morning calm


Land of the Rising Sun


Land of the thunder dragon


Mezzo Giorno

(extra point if cou can name the region, and another one for the name of the town!)


Old Smoke 


Oyster City


Paris of the Americas


Pearl of the Danube


Pearl of the Indian Ocean


Queen city

(an extra point if you know the French translation)


The Red Dragon 


Sheltered Bay


Sunny side of the Alps


The Big Apple


The boot 


City of Dreams


The City of Love, The City of Light Paris –

(Award yourself an extra point if you know exactly where this is - and a bonus one if you have eaten an ice cream here!)


The city The Square Mile, The Old Smoke, The Smoke London


The emerald isle 


The end of the world 


City of the seven hills 


The fair city 


The happy city



The holy city 


The lion city



The lucky country 



 The emerald of the equator 


The pink city 


The toon 


Venice of the north 


White city of the north  


Whew! That's it!

Almost finished.....but not yet.


Tally your score and post it on the @foodandtrav Facebook page......



HERE'S A TIP: in case you didn't realise it, you can check the answers by clicking on the picture for a link.


Text and concept: Sally Hammond 

Photos: ©Gordon & Sally Hammond




Do you have other nicknames to add to this list? There are plenty more!


News Feed

feed-image Feed Entries


Taste of Sydney is on again SOON!

Read all about it HERE (and make sure you check the special ticket offer!)


India's best-kept secret - a state of excitement and mystery.

Discover why you should go there....



Fells and dales, gingerbread, shaggy sheep and weird standing stones.

But please don't call the lake a loch!



Glasgow is shaking off its grey reputation.....

... becoming colourful - and tasty!



Still find all the food and fun of Central Taiwan ....



From the valleys to the seaside - sharing the surprises of South Wales.

See more here..... 


Lovely green Kerala has a friendly welcome for everyone.

Meet the locals here...

Listen to the podcast

Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, is full of surprises!

See for yourself....



Can't get enough of Singapore?

Find out how to get more for your money too....



Why does dining on an island always seem so much better?

Meet some of the best places to test this theory....



FIFTY places and foods you may (or may not!) recognise.

TEST yourself....



The world's BIGGEST war memorial. HINT: it's in Australia.

Find out why and how....



Meet the courageous Japanese city that is embracing the future.

Learn where it is....



The Blue Mountains have much to offer - summer or winter.

Check out the history too...



A cruise around south-east Asia uncovers some fascinating secrets.

Find out where...



So you thought throwing the wedding bouquet was strange....

See what happens in other countries!



If you like beer, this could be helpful when you travel.

Useful phrases....


Pack your Big Yellow Suitcase ...

... find out where you can take it!








Taste of Sydney, March 9-12 (special ticket offer)

Crab Fest, Mandurah, WA, March 18-19

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, March 31-April 9

Yarra Valley Wine & Food Festival, Victoria, April 1-2, 2017

Noosa Food & Wine Festival, Qld, May 18-21.



Something quick and tasty, a chicken bake hearty enough for everyone.

See the recipe.....


Anyone want a slice of Granny's currant pie?



Think you have tasted every oil on the market? You may not have tried this one.

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Have you heard of oyster leaves?

Here they are.....



You mean they can make this from bananas?




Design your own chocolates. It's not difficult.

Find out more....



A fruity beer? This Australian company likes a challenge.

Take a look...



Need a coffee????

stay in touch on the FB page.


Hear a podcast


Top chef has found a new Abode at ParkRoyal Darling Harbour.

Food you have to taste...



Lot 1 near Wynyard, this one is worth knowing about too.

Find out more....



Woollahra's BUZO has evolved.

Find out about the Evolution menu....









Find out what US food events are on in


and what is coming up WORLDWIDE



Go glamping in Queensland - luxury in the rainforest.

The best of both worlds...



food and wine tour in one of France's most beautiful regions.

Learn more about it...



Meet Derek the wombat. What could be cuter?

Find him in Tasmania....



Add some craic to your Christmas!

To be sure, you'll love it....



Take a walk in Japan and feel refreshed.

See more...



A year of fabulous food festivals in 2017 for Britain!

Find out when and where....



Festivals throughout Australia too in 2017.

Check these out...



Scotland's Year of Food and Drink 2017....

...what's on?


Festivals in Korea, 2017

Here they are....



2017 Malaysia's Year of Festivals....

Find out when and where...


What's happening in Rome this month....

Check it out here...



Ever dreamed of having your own place in France.

This may make it easier....


Now you can travel and pick up some artistic skills - and enjoy Italian cuisine.

...find out where




Looking for a way to spend your weekends in Australia this year? 

Here are 52 suggestions complete with things to do and places to eat....

Read more..





Sally, and Gordon Hammond also operate the Australian Regional Food Guide Web site. This comprehensive directory is a great resource for everything that is happening in the regional food scene in Australia. Make sure you visit and bookmark this site. Please Follow on Twitter or Like on Facebook.