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Books written (or contributed to) by Sally and Gordon Hammond


Sally Hammond has written thousands of articles which have been published widely in newspapers, magazines and on the internet.

Her 25 books include travelogues, cookbooks, directories and guides and, in addition to this website and the Australian Regional Food Guide website (, she has also contributed to several other sites.

Her food industry experience includes:

  • owner-manager of two Sydney suburban health food takeaway shops
  • owner-manager of commercial pastry kitchen
  • founder and teacher of Sally’s Kitchen Cookery School.

In addition she has taught cookery at TAFE colleges; been a restaurant reviewer for Australian Gourmet Traveller, Sunday Telegraph and the FPC Courier Group (also contributing a weekly travel column to the latter for several years); a judge for food and dining awards; and contributor of recipe sections to several magazines. Currently she contributes the dining section to Travel & Living.

Australian Regional Food Guide

Paperback | Second Edition 2005 | New Holland Publishers (Australia) |
Food industry and trade – Australia – Directories | ISBN 1 74110 147 6 | $29.95

Take a journey of discovery, region by region through EVERY Australian State and Territory, and see the countryside unfold as you read. Or better still, take this book with you as an invaluable guide when you travel.

Among the over 1500 entries you will find:

• Farmers who raise everything from quail to buffalos
• A micro-climate that allows tropical fruit to flourish in southern NSW
• Dozens of country restaurants that proudly use local produce
• The country’s fledgling super-gourmet industries of truffles and saffron
• Where to find everything from sourdough to spuds or smoked salmon

Discover, too, superb local cheeses, chillies and cherries, and where to dine on organic beef or the freshest seafood in Australia. Participate in bush food tours, or take part in festivals that celebrate the wealth of the local soil.

Join this culinary safari. The trip is long, but you’ll return enriched, and with renewed admiration and a better understanding of what this great country - and its equally great people - can do.

It will make you proud to be Australian. And almost certainly it will compel you to go and see for yourself!


Australian Regional Food – The Best Chef's Recipes

Paperback |2006 | New Holland Publishers (Australia) |
Travel – Miscellanea – Curiosities and wonders | ISBN 1 74110 394 0 | $29.95

We are delighted to bring you recipes, ranging from some of the top chefs in the land to small companies producing unusual food.

From the passion and experience of writing her best selling Australian Regional Food Guide, Sally Hammond asked a variety of chefs to put together their favourite recipes bursting with the richness and variety of Australian cuisine.

All the recipes come from people who make their living creating Australian food – café and restaurant chefs, cheese-makers, bakers, chutney bottlers, wine makers and olive farmers.

Create your own Tasmanian Venison Carpaccio or Steamed Rock Oysters with Kaffir lime and Tamarind from Byron Bay. Over 30 regions in Australia are represented. These recipes will not only make your mouth water, they will send you to the kitchen to try them for yourself.




Paperback |2007 | New Holland Publishers (Australia) |
Cookery Chinese - Cookery, Tourism and Gastronomy, China – Description and Travel | ISBN 978-1-74110-569-8| $35

Bamboo - a journey with Chinese food, by Sally Hammond & Gordon Hammond. Release date: October 2007, rrp $35, paperback.


Bamboo is a food lover's and traveller's delight, with magnificent photography by Gordon Hammond and Sally's entertaining insights of this ancient land.

East to west, north to south, here is a taste of China's huge variety of regional cuisine set out in easy to follow recipes accompanied by gorgeous recipe shots.

Bamboo puts China in your hands with tips and inside knowledge on travelling and dining in the 'land of dragons'.

Although some of the recipes in this book may call for a trip to a Chinese market or Chinatown to collect some ingredients, but it will be worth it. More likely you will plan to do even more.

'Why not go to this fascinating country and see and taste for yourself?' says Sally.



Paperback | 2006 | New Holland Publishers (Australia) |
ITALY – Description and Travel | ISBN 1 74110 395 9 | $24.95

"There is a real energy to the Mezzogiorno – the south of Italy. The people are as warm as the sunshine and the cuisine is sublime."

Sally Hammond and her husband Gordon were determined to explore the south of Italy, despite warnings that is was dangerous and there was nothing to look at.

But in amongst the palms and pergolas, the generosity, spirit and hospitality of the southerners seduces them as they explore the heel and boot of Italy. They discover a treasure trove of sights, characters and fantastic food.

Just a Little Italian has tales of mouth-watering meals and recipes from sunny courtyards, crazy mountain passes and sublime wines. This is the perfect book for people who want to explore the south of Italy.

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Just Enough French

Paperback | Second Edition 2005 | New Holland Publishers (Australia) |
France – Description and Travel | ISBN 1 74110 408 4 | $24.95

When Sally and her husband Gordon decided to spend a month in France, they were determined to make contact with rural France and its people, despite the language barrier

Just Enough French is the engaging and entertaining story of their journey: from visits to patisseries and cafes to encounters with cheese-makers and petanque players, Sally describes their experiences in vivid detail.

With tales of mouth-watering meals around kitchen tables and in sunny courtyards, scenic drives over mountains and alongside vineyards, this is the perfect book for Francophiles, travellers and gastronomes alike.



Pardon My French

Paperback | 2007| New Holland | Cookery, French – France – Description and Travel |ISBN 9781741103960 | $24.95 | reprinted Sept 2007

With notebook in hand, food and travel writer Sally Hammond sets off around the romantic and seductive country of France.

Pardon My French! is Sally's travel journal as she samples the local food, stays in local places (both on and off the beaten track), struggles with the language, discovers history and mysteries, and, of course, collects reciipes en route.

From Paris to the snowy Pyrénées and back again, Sally and Gordon Hammond go in search of delightful food and charming company. So sit back and enjoy an entertaining and delicous tour of France. Bon appétit!  Now available as an e-Book, details....

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Playing Chopsticks

Paperback |2006 | New Holland Publishers (Australia) |
China – Description and Travel – Cookery , Chinese | ISBN 1 74110 397 5 | $24.95

Playing Chopsticks is a light-hearted visitor’s view of a vast country with a long and revered history.

Sally Hammond shares entertaining and informative stories about her visits to China: strolls through a Kashgar cattle market, meeting with nomads and searching for a western-style loo in the wilds of China.

Read about yak’s butter in Tibet, and her experiences on the Silk Road, the Great Wall, Macau, Hong Kong and Beijing.

There are tips on chopstick etiquette and how to cook rice as well as recipes for delicious regional dishes.

Anyone interested in life in modern day China, planning a visit there or wishing to recreate authentic Chinese cooking will find this an entertaining and informative book.


Weird and Wacky

Paperback |2005 | New Holland Publishers (Australia) |
Travel – Miscellanea – Curiosities and wonders | ISBN 1 74110 180 8 | $16.95

If you want to travel with a smile on your face Weird and Wacky is for you.

Have you ever considered taking your coffee five metres into the air to sit and drink it? What about a visit to the world’s first (and only) underground post office? Perhaps you like the idea of spending a night in an underground cave that doubles as a hotel? No? What about one made completely of ice, or one that floats, or there’s even a hotel submerged in water with a view of fish? If that still doesn’t tickle your fancy maybe you’d be better off entering the annual wife carrying festival, taking a turn a bog-snorkelling or attending the Road Kill Cook-off?

Weird and Wacky contains a collection of over one hundred similarly wonderful and outrageous destinations, events and travel ideas for the zany, and lets face it, downright kooky, traveller in all of us. To help you get started we’ve even included contact details for each entry so that you can check them out for yourself. What are you waiting for?

Weird and Wacky is full of places and things that you’ll hardly believe.





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