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Being You

Do you ever feel a little lost in a maze? Today, there are so many self-help articles, blogs, podcasts, videos and whatever else available, all aiming to help you become the best you can be, or remake yourself in some image or another.

Even more difficult, once you feel you know who you are and where you are headed, is th problem of how to communicate this 'new and better YOU' to  your world of family, friends, workmates and clients.

Maggie Eyre is an internationally recognised expert in personal presence and leadership motivation. She has over 30 years experience in business, public relations, and perfomance and has trained many professional people to harness their maximum potential.

This, her latest book, encourages readers to learn how to communicate the ideals of their businesses. She doesn't stop there, either, but provides the tools for each person to increase personal brand awareness, and devise a comprehensive media strategy with which to achieve their goals.

To further strengthen her aim, Maggie Eyre shares actual case studies and examples, from her experience and research, to make this an easy-to-read and valuable business ally for anyone who is searching for increased success and strength in their career.


Being You, by Maggie Eyre, published by Exisle Publishing, 2019, paperback, rrp A$32.99.


- reviewed by Sally Hammond


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