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Travel quotes


I am not a great cook, I am not a great artist, but I love art, and I love food, so I am the perfect traveller. - Michael Palin


Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow. - Anita Desai




Find out what's on today HERE all around the world...



World National Days


Senegal 4 April (Independence from France 1960)

Eating in Senegal....

Trivia: Lake Retba, about an hour from the capital, is  rose pink



Guinea 3 April (Independence from France 1958 on 2 October)

On Guinea's table....

Trivia: Apart from the sparsely populated former Spanish Sahara, the only other former Spanish colony in Africa is Equatorial Guinea with a population of about 500,000.






How safe is your destination?

BEFORE you travel - check out the travel advisories for the countries you plan to visit. 

Smart Traveller....



DUE TO THE COVID-19 virus  many of the world's countries have closed borders and ceased tourism until it is safe to travel again. 



Do you need a visa?

Many countries require visitors to have a visa - others do not.

Australian travellers -

Find out what you need.....



Everybody's talking...


what languages do local people speak in each of the world's countries?



What a world!

Where have we visited? 





Can't speak the local language when travelling?

Tuck this tiny book (also available as an app) in your pocket.

Read more....




Tired of milk? This unusual one might be right for you.

And there is a chocolate version too....





Before you go... study the questions (and answers) in this book.

You'll find answers to many things you might see and eat.

Also check this page out.....





Nervous about navigating your canal barge?

Take a tour with your own crew....




.............and Apps and DVDs


2020 is a year most people will be glad to leave behind...

...but how can we survive and thrive when life gets hard?

Read this book...



For everything you have endured during the crazy year of 2020, here is a lighter side.

Have a laugh....



Rivers - lifeblood of Australia

How this often hot and dry contninent relies on a web of waterways. Find out more about this book...



If you would like to know the secrets of many countries...


...visit this page



Would you like to get your 'brand' across and have personal success?

This book could be the answer....



Before your next trip... study the questions (and answers) in this book. 

You'll find answers to many things you might see and eat.

Also check this page out.....



Expect the unexpected with this fascinating 'atlas'.

Make discoveries worldwide....



Fun to read - and thought-provoking - this book makes an ideal gift.

Read the review...



Have you ever wondered if your town in Australia has hidden secrets in its history?

This book will answer your questions...



Here's a book for the verbally careful. Hate making mistakes when you write something?

This book comes to your rescue....


If eating has become painful, and food feels more like your enemy....

This book may help....




Keen to try modern Jewish cuisine?

....then this beautiful book is for you.



Raw and random, this is probably not the France you know.

A fascinating glimpse of another side of the country.



Trivia buffs - this book is for you.

Especially if you love to travel...



If you love a bit of mystery and wackiness with your travel, this book is for you.

Find out all about it....



Do you need some travel ideas? Here are 1001 historic sites to visit.

Start planning now...





Taste the World

Mystery and darkness, heat and history - 

                        - it's all coming up, HERE!



Pure gold health-helpers

Raise your hand if you know the name of this strange fruit with its papery covering? Does the word physalis help at all?

HINT: This berry belongs to the deadly nightshade family - but it's delicious and safe to eat.

CLICK HERE: to find out more, and why it should be in all our diets.



Bringing Bali back

This is what neighbours do - help each other.

Here's how one Aussie company is helping Bali get back on its feet, one curry at a time.

Find out more...

So hungry you can't wait? Buy these curries HERE




The founders of this health-conscious happy-wrappy product say it has had a 'bumble beginning'!

Big enough (or small enough) to wrap anything in your kitchen.  

With designs celebrating Australian land and creatures.

 Take a look HERE...


Blindfolds are as important as napkins at this unique tasting experience. It will come as no surprise that it features a surprise menu!

WHERE and WHEN...?



Gin in the name - and the bottle

OK, there's a play on words here. See what it is....

But while the winery and distillery is frontline... NOT overlook the restaurant offerings of fresh local produce.

Read more about that too...



The festival is over...

The chefs and their crew - and their produce - wowed the crowds at the recent Adelaide Festival...

..but the good flavours go on forever.

Kangaroo, anyone? Wattleseed balsamic? 

Take a look HERE...and have your own TRUE AUSSIE festival.



Carolina burning

Top marks if you know the name of this hyper-hot chilli.


Even more points if you can guess just HOW hot it is. Put on your mark and find out HERE...



Chefs doing a happy dance...

...OR when not being in the top 50 is a very good thing.

This group is celebratrating being voted as the American Express One To Watch Award which is presented to a restaurant that is outside the main Asia’s 50 Best list but is identified as the rising star of the region.

HINT: Appropriately, the restaurant's name means 'an effective way to achieve the goal'.  

READ the full story HERE...



Ancient salt

OK - salt is salt, right? Wrong!

Salt comes from many sources. This variety is hand-harvested from one of the oldest and purest brine springs in the world, in the heart of Britain.

It's a great story of family industry, an ancient product, and csaring for the planet.

Read more here... 

(Oh, and get the recipe for that cauliflower dish HERE)



Och aye! Scottish vodka

Vodka is Russian, right? No, laddy, it's Scottish. At least at this Glasgow distillery it is.

This is spirited hand-crafted innovation at its finest.

Try the G52 Rich Coffee to see what they are up to.




Tea with a sparkle

The sparkling drink you have when you need some bubbles without the booze.

Aussie grown and made, it's getting the awrds it deserves.

FIND OUT more...


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Zany Zadar & Croatia's north

Crazy and beautiful, a place everyone should visit.




Lovely Lisbon ~ and beyond. Sardines and secrets!

Find out much more here.... 



Where did cool Colombo go?

It's here!



Two virtual visits to Ontario





Where is Tbilisi? 

Once you discover its beauty and history, you will be making plans to visit as soon as you can.

Read more....



Madrid the marvelous - so much to see in Spain's capital.

See it all here....



If you missed reading about Thailand's organic produce....

Here is the new link....



Colour comes to Green Summer

See what is happening in Australia's northernmost city this summer....



Here's something fun to check out!

The world's most popular surnames .... country



~ Northern Spain ~

mountains and miracles - and much more!

After this journey, many people will never see the world the same way again.


Find out why....



Visit the beautiful heart of


Gondolas, cathedrals, cakes and a palace thrown in for good measure.

See for yourself!



And how about these vineyards in Georgia?

See other gardens in strange locations here....



Now this IS unusual! The Golden Bridge near Da Nang in Vietnam

(Photo: psyajh1004)

See  more on this video....



Australia, the land of long straight roads.

Cross the country with us and see some more of them...



Make your own food and travel videos? YES YOU CAN!

Gordon Hammond gives some insider tips.....



Travelling to Sydney? The northern beaches are spectacular.

See what we mean...



For an exotic travel experience, go glamping in the desert.

Where do you think this is?



Hungary has something for every traveller.

Especially those who love good food...







A spritzy new must-try sparkling sugar-free flavoured mineral water to match with foods - or as a mixer in drinks.

SanPellegrino's latest zero-calorie treat!

See more...



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food events coming up!



See more Australian food and drink events.....




Celebrate the world's foods. on their special day....

Find out when they are...



Chocolate tea... and others??

Check them out...



Attention: stone-fruits ahead. Here are some different ways to make these fruits even more tempting... mixing plums and tomatoes.

Find out more....



The world's most-awarded feta cheese...great for a party cheese plate.

...but where does it come from?


Unless you are in Austria, this    coffee-flavoured oil may be a little difficult to find...

..but it's well worth the search.



Imagine having a restaurant like Frenchies in your suburb?

The name gives a clue to the cuisine....









What food events are coming up WORLDWIDE?



Coming up - soon you will be able to dive around an underwater jet.

See how and where you wiill have to travel to do it...



A year of fabulous food festivals in 2021 for Britain!

Find out when and where....



Festivals throughout Australia too in 2021.

Check these out...



Scotland's Year of events for 2021

...what's on?

...and more!



Festivals in Korea, 2021

Here they are....



2021 Malaysia's Year of Festivals....

Find out when and where...



Ever dreamed of having your own place in France.

This may make it easier....




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