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Travel quotes


Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased. -  John Steinbeck


Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent. - Epictetus (55 AD - 135 AD)




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World National Days


Comoros 6 July (Independence from France 1975)

Food of Comoros....

Trivia: Did you know that Comoros is the second-largest producer of vanilla in the world? It is second only to Madagascar.  More facts....



Malawi 6 July (Independence Day, from the United Kingdom 1964; and Republic Day 1966)

Malawi's table.....

Trivia: The Portuguese introduced maize to the region. Today, maize is still the staple grain of Malawi. More facts....



Isle of Man, British Islands (usually) 5 July (Tynwald Day, Tynwald (parliament) annual meeting)

Food on the Isle of Man....

Trivia: Four-horned Loaghtan sheep, are a breed of sheep, unique to the Isle of Man, thought to have been introduced in prehistoric times or by the Vikings. The meat has been given the European Union Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) stamp.   More facts....



ArmeniaJuly 5 (1995). See Public holidays in Armenia.

Armenian cuisine....

Trivia: Armenia is one of the only mono ethnic countries in the world. Ninety-seven percent of the people living in Armenia are Armenians.  More facts....



Venezuela 5 July  (Independence Day, declaration of independence from Spain 1811)

Trivia: The capybara, the largest rodent in the world,  inhabits the grassy plains (llanos) of Venezuela.



Cayman Islands, United  Kingdom 1st Monday in July

Trivia: The Cayman Islands were first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503, when he landed on Little Cayman. More facts...



United States 4 July  (Independence Day, declaration of independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain 1776)

Dining in USA....

Trivia: Pre-sliced bread was once banned in America. More.......



Belarus 3 July (Independence Day, liberation of Minsk from German occupation by Soviet troops in 1944)

Trivia: To show hospitality, a host traditionally presents an offering of bread and salt when greeting a guest or visitor.



Curaçao (Kingdom of the Netherlands2 July (the first elected island council is instituted 1954)

Trivia: At one time Curacao was known as a miniature tropical Holland, or the Dutch Gibraltar, as it was a very busy Dutch port colony.



Canada 1 July (Canada Day, Canada a confederation of four provinces 1867)

Dining in Canada...

Trivia: Canada has the world’s longest coastline at 202,080 kilometres. More...



Burundi 1 July (Independence from Belgium in 1962)

Burundi's food.....

Trivia: Burundi means ‘Land of Kirundi-speakers”.



British Virgin IslandsUnited Kingdom 1 July

On the BVI menu....

Trivia: The phrase “What a kallaloo!” is used by islanders to refer to any kind of mess - the word kallaloo means the local seaweed and greens soup.



Hong Kong 1 July (Transfer of sovereignty to the PRC 1997) 

Dining in Hong Kong....

Trivia: The Chinese New Year "Poon Choi" dish consists of 10 different ingredients cooked separately and assembled into a one-pot meal, and is popular among Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong. More...



Madeira Day 1 July (Autonomy from Portugal)

The food of Madeira....

Trivia: In 1950 , Winston Churchill retreated to Madeira, exploring the island in a Rolls-Royce and painting. On the eastern side of the harbour a plaque marks the spot where Churchill set up his easel.



Rwanda 1 July (Independence from Belgium in 1962)

Rwanda's food.....

Trivia: The descendants of the earliest inhabitants in Rwanda are the Twa. They are the forest dwelling pygmy.



Somalia 1 July (Foundation of the Republic, from Italy and the formation of Somali Republic 1960)

Cuisine of Somalia.....

Trivia: The currency of Somalia is Somali Shilling or SOS which has been in use since 1962.  More....



Democratic Republic of Congo 30 June (Independence from Belgium in 1960)

Congolese food....

Trivia:The Congo’s okapi, the so-called forest zebra, is now on the world’s endangered species list.







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Twenty top reasons to visit Italy

Bella Italia


Did you know....

...that Italy is divided into 20 distinctive regions, each with its own capital city, identity, dishes, attractions and hidden treasures?

And of course you knew that gelato is popular with everyone - visitors and locals!

So, here’s a go-to guide for each region, so you can easily identify destinations for your next Italian adventure.




Capital: L’Aquila

Local dish: Arrosticini (lamb skewers)

(L'Aquila's main square market)


Three reasons to go…

(Overlooking Capestrano)

·        Stunning greenery and scenery – from Gran Sasso National Park to the Adriatic Coast  

·        Indulgent lunches in the ‘truffle town’ of Campli  

·        Stroll the ancient villages of the Aterno Valley  


One reason you may not know…

·        Wolves, eagles and Marsican brown bears inhabit the national parks.




Capital: Potenza 

Local dish: Cicorie e fave (chicory with broadbeans)

Local mushrooms are also delicate and flavourful.


Three reasons to go…


·        Sassi di Matera - enchanting ancient cave dwellings in one of the world’s oldest cities

·        Soak in Latronico’s relaxing thermal springs

·        Festa della Bruna in Matera (July) for music, parades and stalls from sunrise to midnight


One reason you may not know…

·        Scenes from the film The Passion of the Christ as well as the latest James Bond film were filmed in Basilicata.  




Capital: Catanzaro 

Local dish: ‘Nduja (local peppery salami)

(The famous red onions of Tropea)


Three reasons to go…

(The Byzantine Cattolica di Stilo)

·        Tropea’s white sandy beaches, turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea and vibrant parasols

·        Sweet red onions on every menu, hanging in doorways – even in gelato!

·        Pollino National Park – the country’s largest


One reason you may not know…

·        Calabria is old school and cash is king – so come prepared!    




Capital: Napoli (Naples)

Local dish: Pizza Napoletana, limoncello

Spicy hot flavours are very popular.


Three reasons to go…

(The Bay of Naples on a magical night)

·        Step back in time in Pompeii, a world-famous UNESCO-listed archaeological site

·        Stroll the postcard-perfect cliffside towns along the Amalfi Coast

·        Experience lively local life in bustling Naples


One reason you may not know…

·        The island of Procida is Italy’s ‘Capital of Culture’ for 2022.



See several regions for yourself... HERE

Pictures and music: ©Gordon Hammond 2022




 Capital: Bologna

Local dish: Tortellini in brodo

(Pic: Bologna Welcome)


Three reasons to go…

(The city centre of Bologna)

·        Foodies will love exploring historical Bologna and Parma – the birthplace of Parma ham

·        Take a truffle hunting tour, or go cheese tasting at world-famous Parmigiano Reggiano

·        Visit the homes of iconic Italian car companies, including Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini


One reason you may not know…

·        During August seaside Rimini hosts a ‘pink’ festival, La Notte Rosa.




Capital: Trieste

Local dish: Polenta, and Prosciutto San Daniele

More details....


Three reasons to go…


           ·        Friuli’s alpine foothills are home to some of Italy’s best white wine-producing estates

·        Glorious hiking trails through 13 nature reserves

·        The unspoiled beach resort of Ligniano Sabbiadoro is a hidden gem beloved by locals


One reason you may not know…

·        Driving a dog sled at Tarvisio’s International Mushing School. 




 Capital: Roma (Rome)

Local dish: Pasta carbonara or Cacio e pepe  

(Campo de' Fiori markets, Rome)


Three reasons to go…

(Spanish Steps, Rome)

·        Visit Vatican City, the world’s tiniest city – go on Wednesday for a Papal Audience

·        Explore Rome’s rich history, including the Colosseum, the Forum and the Trevi Fountain

·        Go beyond Rome to discover ancient history in Ostia Antica or Civita di Bagnoregio


One reason you may not know…

·        Dive into food history at The National Museum of Pasta.  




Capital: Genoa

Local dish: Focaccia di Recco, Trofie al pesto or Canestrelli (biscuits)

See more at....


Three reasons to go…

(Cinque Terre, Vernazza)

·        Indulge your passion for cycling on scenic Italian Riviera routes – not for beginners!

·        Explore the five charming villages which make up the UNESCO-listed Cinque Terre

·        Access hidden beaches only accessible by boat – and go celebrity yacht-spotting


One reason you may not know…

·        Disney film Luca and Foxtel hit Hotel Portofino were set in Cinque Terre.  




 Capital: Milano (Milan)

Local dish: Risotto alla Milanese or Cotoletta alla Milanese

The basis of Risotto 


Three reasons to go…

(Milan Cathedral)

·        Shop the stylish boutiques of Milan and visit the incredible gothic Duomo

·        Ski the magnificent mountains of Livigno

·        Take a boat trip on Lake Como, home to celebrity summer villas and charming villages


One reason you may not know…

·        The region has almost 500 museums for art and history fans to explore.     




Capital: Ancona.

Local dish: Olive Ascolane (meat-filled fried olive)

Fritto: more details...


Three reasons to go…

(Medieval city of Urbano)

·        Roam cobbled streets and visit the impressive castle in medieval Urbino

·        Taste wines and olive oils at regional vineyards and groves

·        Beautiful swimming beaches and marinas with yachts for hire to explore the coastline


One reason you may not know…

·        The finest Italian shoes are crafted here, including Prada and Fabi.    




Capital: Campobasso 

Local dish: Caprino di Monfalcone (goat’s cheese) and Cavatelli (pasta) 

Cavatelli pasta. More details...


Three reasons to go

(The city of Campobasso)

·        One of the least discovered regions in Italy…go before everyone else does!

·        Slow down and experience local life in the charming coastal town of Termoli

·        Made for road-tripping with a maze of mountainous roads and storybook village to explore  


One reason you may not know…

·        Molise hosts quirky festivals including the ‘Ndocciata torchlight parade.   




Capital: Torino (Turin) 

Local dish: Bagna Cauda, or Cotechino e lenticchie (pork & lentils) 

Best truffles in the world... More details...


Three reasons to go

(Torre Pellice)

·        Gourmands love Langhe’s vineyards and Alba’s restaurants, providores and truffles

·        The annual spring ‘Battle of the Oranges’ in Ivrea is a must

·        The staggering art collection at Castello di Rivoli – envied by curators nationwide


One reason you may not know

·        The home of Vermouth, Turin’s ‘aperitivo’ tradition is still strong.




Capital: Bari

Local dish: Orecchiette alle cime di rapa, or Stracciatella Pugliese

(Handmade pasta is the best)


Three reasons to go…

(Alberobello - epicentre of the trulli towns)

·        Endless stunning coastline, captivating towns and stunning beaches – try Trani and Ostuni

·        UNESCO World Heritage-listed Alberobello, home of the iconic trulli stone huts

·        Instagram sensation Polignano al Mare, famed for its rocky promontory


One reason you may not know…

·        Scuba divers flock to the shipwreck and caves of the Tremiti Islands.




Capital: Cagliari

Local dish: Fregola con frutti di mare e zafferano (seafood pasta)


Three reasons to go

(The city of Cagliari)

·        Settle in on a sun lounge on some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean

·        Soak up the luxe ambience of Costa Smeralda, playground of the rich and famous

·        Eat your way around the island to enjoy its distinctive, rustic cuisine


One reason you might not know…

·        Wild boar and deer inhabit the rugged inland Barbagia Mountains.




Capital: Palermo

Local dish: Cannoli, Cassata or Sfincione (Sicilian pizza)

(Cannoli - a favourite on the street or from a bakery)


Three reasons to go

(Church of Saint Peter, Modica)

·                    Take a road trip to historic towns, archaeological sites (Valley of the Temples) and beaches

·        Immerse yourself in lively night life and sublime street food in Palermo

·        Festivals such as Palermo’s Feast of Santa Rosalia or Agrigento’s Almond Blossom Festival


One reason you might not know

·        You can enjoy a mud bath at the volcanic island of Pantelleria.  




 Capital: Trento

Local dish: Canederli (bread dumplings), goulash or strudel

Pic from agriturismo...


Three reasons to go…

(Lago dei Braies)

·        Incredible hiking in summer and outstanding skiing in the winter in the Dolomites

·        Two of Italy’s most photogenic locations – Lago di Braies and the town of San Candido

·        Fairytale Christmas markets in Bolzano, Vipiteno, Trento, Merano, Brunico and Bressanone


One reason you may not know…

·        This bilingual region is home to 300+ castles and almost 300 lakes.




Capital: Firenze (Florence)

Local dish: Pappa col pomodoro (bread soup), Ragù Toscano


 (Tuscan farro soup) 


Three reasons to go…

(The Tower of Pisa)

·        Rolling hills, vineyards in Chianti, medieval villages - landscapes made for painting

·        Florence – home of renaissance art and captivating galleries, including the iconic Uffizi

·        Major summer festivals including Siena’s historic Palio horse race and Lucca’s concert series


One reason you may not know…

·        There is a desert in the heart of Tuscany – the Accona.




Capital: Perugia

Local dish: Torta al testo (bread), or Strangozzi alla spoletina

Torta al Testo


Three reasons to go

(The ancient town of Spello)

·        Classic countryside scenery – Umbria is ‘the green heart of Italy’

·        The wildflowers surrounding Castellucio in Spring are world famous

·        The pretty towns of Spello, Todi and Gubbio, among the most Instagram-able in Italy


One reason you may not know

·        The region is renowned for handcrafted ceramics, and chocolate.




 Capital: Aosta

Local dish: Fonduta (cheese fondue) or Polenta concia

(Fontina, Val de Aosta's prized cheese)


Three reasons to go…

(The Matterhorn, reflected)

·        Spectacular castles, fortresses and cathedrals from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages

·        Snow-capped peaks and a skiing playground – Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc

·        Sensational summer hiking in Gran Paradiso National Park


One reason you may not know…

·        Aosta Valley is Italy’s smallest region – petite yet picturesque!




Capital: Venezia

Local dish: Baccalà alla Vicentina (stockfish), Risi e bisi (rice & peas)

(Baccala mantecato cicchetti)


Three reasons to go…

(The canals of Venice are unique)

·        A bucket-list gondola ride on the canals of Venice

·        Take in a summer opera in Verona’s historic outdoor amphitheatre

·        Marvel at the World-Heritage-listed Palladian Villas, home to wealthy families in the 1500s


One reason you may not know…

·        The first female gondolier took to the canals in 2009 – after 900 years.




Grazie & Arrivederci...

Proving that NOT all roads lead to Rome!


Text: ©ENIT Italian National Tourist Board

Pics: ©Sally & Gordon Hammond (others used with permission)

Slide-show: ©Gordon Hammond






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