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We all know the thrill of shopping in other cities. Especially when we discover bargains and 'just the right thing' as souvenirs for our friends and family. But it can be frustrating too if you don't know where to go, and how much is a fair price.

Admit it! We all need help. And this is where Linda Ciccarelli's great idea comes in handy.

Paris is a shopper’s paradise, and her company, FYP Shopping Tours, gives you insider access, exclusive store discounts, and an exciting and relaxing way to experience Paris.   

Now you can discover Paris in the style you prefer!   

Both walking tours and tours by car are available, with stops along the way at sights of interest of your choice for photo opportunities! Linda's tours are ideal for those who want to shop and sightsee, exploring fascinating neighborhoods and unique boutiques.   

A typical tour will include:   

*       Pick-up from your hotel/residence or any central Paris location if you prefer   

*       Complimentary coffee at a cafe in order to get acquainted and discuss any additional requests you may have   

*       Three to eight hours of shopping with expert fashion advice   

*       Drop-off at your hotel/residence (if requested)   


Why choose FYP for your Paris shopping experience?   

*       FYP tours are ideal for those who want to shop and sightsee, exploring fascinating neighborhoods and unique boutiques.   

*        FYP tours are personalized and customized alternative to the standard sightseeing activities.   

*        A FYP tour takes you to the best and most fabulous places to shop!   

*        Linda will be your guide and personal shopper advising you on what styles, cuts and colors are best suited for your body type.   

Become a Parisian for a day, experiencing the Real Paris!   

More details.....


Linda Ciccarelli


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