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Quiet Los Angeles

Ssssh! Most movies portray LA as a busy place, loud and brash even, with 24/7 action, pulsating lights and energy.

This book shines a light on the other side of Los Angeles. The quiet side. Adding to a growing collection of pocket-sized 'quiet' books on major busy cities (London, Paris, New York) that lead readers to off-the-beaten-track corners, small museums, peaceful gardens and places to unwind with a relaxing coffee or a good book, the author for this volume, has collected more than 120 of LA's quiet places to meet, eat, drink, dine, sleep, read and wander.

To glimpse the diversity, there is the quirkily-named The Last Bookstore in the Art Deco Spring Arts Tower; the Korean Bell of Friendship Pavilion, wonderously silent except for the four times a year when the centuries-old bell is rung; or a vegan place, Cafe Gratitude, where you'll find - in addition to the calm - no cans, boxes or packets, and no frozen foods. There are cathedrals and temples, a wayfarers' chapel, a lagoon-side precinct and plenty more. 

This is the LA you did not expect, but it is worth discovering. Do not keep quiet about this book.

Quiet Los Angeles, by Rebecca Razo, published by Allen & Unwin, 2016, rrp A$26.99, softcover. 


- reviewed by Sally Hammond


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